Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wake Up!

     Hello All!   This page alone just hit 32,000 views  so I want to thank you all again.   No matter what might have actually brought you to this page.  I hope missing out on all that porn was worth it while you roamed around here for a bit.  And that you keep checking out this page and all of my pages.  To continue to find out what all the fuss is about.  If you wish to take a few more seconds away from your porn viewing action, please also share this page!   I talk about coffee a lot.  I post about coffee a lot also.  It is a great topic.  It is a mind opening topic and many times my only life blood for sure.  I find myself still working graves at work and I feel just like a Zombie.  But not the kool kind of Zombie that kicks butt.  I just float through life at the moment.  Not really enjoying any of it, or really giving my full to any of it.  Especially in my home life.  But the same can be said for my work "life" or the time that I set aside to "sleep."  I live on caffeine and all of the caffeine is killing my stomach and body system.   It also seems to be killing everything about me.    For all of you that really don't care about any of this----I will stop b*tching now and get on to some jokes.  Or attempts at jokes.  Although my sleep deprived mind may very well find them much more appealing, funny, and or sexy than you do.  But what do I care, at least I am amused!

I am a lucky man.
This is a picture before my grave yard shifts/Zombie life
Maybe God   or anyone would be  a much betterer co-pilot??
But what do I know?
I don't understand how a plane can just disappear.
And yet it keeps happening.
                                                  Century Link is NOT any better  by the way.

Welcome to my life every day!
I had never been to a drive through Best Buy Before this.
Three thumbs up!
This is a picture I took a few months ago in California were everything is bass ass backwards anyway.  I think every bad law I saw in Oregon and Washington started in sunny CA  were like here in Arizona all that sun quickly messes up peoples brains.  Anyways, does this mean I can smoke in my motel room or not?   Silly Motel 6
It's still July so this is still funny!
I mostly post this because our boss the other night wore  a shirt similar to the man standing up in this picture.
I kept telling people that I had found Waldo-all night and when she over heard me---gave up on being in trouble and went full  by calling her Waldo all night. 
I bet she did not find it funny and B will never wear that top to work again.
Weather she thinks I am working or not.
                                                                             True story.
                                                                         So does my wife. 

Today's picture of the day comes from Bellingham, WA.
And this clock is telling me it is about time to eat!
Time stands still for no one   and no matter what you are doing, how Zombie like you feel, or how un productive you feel, to better yourself or keep your great family    you need to figure it all out.  Quickly.

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