Sunday, July 6, 2014

My First Post Of July--This Year

**"I have been to a lot of firework displays/4th celebrations--but small town shows are always the best by far!"**

        I hope everyone had an amazing and super safe 4th of July.  I also hope that each of you took some time out from drinking and blowing things up to recall what the day is all about. Especially with the huge volume of illegal aliens crossing our boarders every hour.  Our freedoms as we know them are increasing very rapidly.  I will not ramble about this more, right now--because if you do not know what I am even talking about, you are a huge part of the problem.  Get back on your cell phone and Twitter!  And please stop watching Fox "news."  Anyways with July comes my birthday.  I am more than willing to skip the day altogether.  Some time just  after about ones 21st birthday, birthdays really do stop being fun.  That said, each year I manage to bring up my day of birth multiple times before it actually happens.  Maybe so that y'all will have more time to not buy me any presents!  As many years I will probably be at work this year on my birthday.  This is fine with me, mainly because it means that I have a job and more importantly a pay check.  As on Facebook, I do hate all the well wishes from people I don't really know all that well.  This is a new job, and I do not know any of these workers very well yet--so just as online a fake greeting from someone I rarely talk to  but that has just read about my "special day" just isn't all that important to me.  Call me crazy--but I resemble it to a big case of the Mondays.  This year though--the fun almost comes back--with a rare triple good wammie!   All of our kiddos go back to school on that day, and it is payday!!  OK with all that good news  even perfect strangers can wish me a happy birthday and not ruin my day or year!  ;)

If you don't think this is funny--you either found no donuts under the box last time you tried this, you are a cop, or--most likely    YOU should find a new page to read.  Just sayin'

**"Some rare R& R time. I have another 6 day work week this week. Was crazy over the 4th weeksend but JD is a cure all. I do have a complaint--no one at Wally World told me we had to actually clean out new outdoor pool."**----Pictures up of the pool soon----after it is clean and after I stop lounging in it.  A little green and or glow in the dark water is not going to stop me from getting in the kool water.  Especially so when it is 100+ every day outside.  It is July and the desert and all. 
I think it's a tie!
Mmmmm coffee!!
Does it defeat the purpose of this last picture--if I am now craving pizza??

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No one EVER likes my ideas--and I have never broken a light bulb.
Sing it!!


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