Monday, June 30, 2014

Tomorrow We Welcome July

        **"Coffee is that place where the sun comes up over the horizon and lights the heavens in a burst of vibrant colors."**----Even if you live in Oregon or Washington!

      I am not sure how it is posiable but in mere hours we turn the calander to the July pages.  For betterer or for worse, this year is flying by.   Add working graveyards in a casino --were it is purpously  ill lighted, so one never really knows what time it is, and most of the time I have no concept of time or what day it is if I am at work or at home.  Another thing that does not seem possiable is that our oldest kiddo is not a kiddo anymore.  He is turning 14 in a few daze.  Speaking of people that are not kiddos anymore--I also might have a birthday this month.  Although I can not be to old, because cashiers and bartenders still card me when I buy booze.  It just happened today in fact.   After working almost nine hours on my day off work, I thought maybe I needed an adult beverage or five.  ;)      On this same note, somewhat I noticed just out of town on I-10 there is a big billboard about how expensive drunk driving can easily become.  This important billboard is sandwiched between not one, not two, but four---ads for beer.  I am not sure were my point is in telling this, but I find it amusing.  You might not, but please note--I grew up in Wyoming and am very easily amused. 

                                                      **"Sleep is over rated."**

  **If one is stuck in a parking lot---what I call not moving while on the interstate due to huge congestion----is it still considered driving and text or calling??**---Just curious. 

    **320 daze out of the year--I wear this badge with pride! The rest of the year-My wife gets the badge. Just like today---I must say she wears it well. **---Just sayin'   This badge I made myself  now Wally Worlds seem to lock up the materials to make your own name badges.  In any case  this hangs proudly on our fridge. 

    Our kiddos had a great time at the zoo and all I got was to touch an elephants butt! Do I look like a tourist?? Many more pictures from the Tucson zoo to be posted.   I will have to dig to find the pictures, but I have several pictures of my touching random things  and seeming to really enjoy it.   One was the feet on the large statue in front of the Hoover Dam.   Another is some fake boobs on a casino wall in Viva Las Vegas!

   Lots of updates coming to this page!   Including our whole family's recent journey to the Tucson zoo.  A great day indeed.  Despite the messed up date stamps on the pictures, this was last Monday.

                                     Sign I found while Exploring Billings MT one fine night.

                                                                    Umm   OK....

In case you have not gotten the memo--I am NOT in favor of ANY gun control.
     **"We just felt the tremors from a small earth quake. I didn't think they had those in Arizona."**----Two nights ago at about 10 PM our house began to shake.  I was trying to blame the movement on the near by rail road tracks.  Sometimes if you are sitting on our potty when a train goes past, the potty sways, but this movement seemed like much more.  We got online and found that 50 miles east in New Mexico a 5.2 earthquake had hit.  Soon after I had to drive to work.  I was half expecting to drive into a sinkhole on the way to work.  I still have found no reports of damage---but this is a very rare event.  And my first quake for sure.  Pretty crazy!

    On a similar note.   For years my wife has talked about how on the night our oldest was conseived, she felt an earthquake.  I must note here, I was not involved in this night at all---her ex husband is rather large, and they were in a motel in Arizona at this time.  I and everyone involved of this conversation, had never heard of an earthquake in Arizona, and we always counted up the earth movement to how large her ex husband was, and to what they were doing in that motel room at the time.  After almost nine years of giving my wife crap about this---we experienced this earthquake, and as usual she was right all along.  

Last for tonight---but not least     I bring back my picture of the day feature!
I try to use this more and I try to use current pictures   but this one caught my eye tonight.
This is during the huge rodeo parade in Sheridan Wyoming.
The sign in the background seems to go perfect with this float  somehow. 
But what do I know??

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