Sunday, June 8, 2014

Father's Day Is Just Around The Corner

        Hello all!   In case you have not gotten the memo, Fathers day is soon approaching.  I honestly do not think most people care, even those of us that actually strive to be great dads-not just sperm donars.  Think about it mothers do  so much---and they get a "holiday" during the school year when the kiddos can make something for them at work.   It is a huge day for your mother or your wife.  And unless you were hatched when you were born, you will not hear the end of it if you miss mother's day until you make up for it the following year.  Big time, mister!  I mean your mom did spend 13 months carrying her in your belly--and this *insert lame generic gift here* is the thanks you give me   for allll of that!??  AND mothers are great.   My mom runs the show in her household as does my wife in ours.  They know were everything is and how everything works.   Fathers day is just kind of a day were the dads can have another excuse to BBQ!  And maybe make sure they have a brew in each hand all day.  They can also spend the day realizing they will never be as kool or as loved as the momma-- and can visualize how full there wallets used to be before they had kiddos.  One can also finally pull out that cracked and un-used condom from your wallet that your dad gave you in Middle School.  After the third child is born --condoms might not be as effective any more.  I personally practice safe sex at home, by leaving the lights on.   ;)  I am in no way knocking being a father.  I love the title and take it very serious.   I am knocking the "holiday." 

   **"We are going to splurge tomorrow and buy an above ground pool--- And going to the lake on Tuesday. I soooo can't wait till the monsoons hit here!"**-------Pictures to come I am sure.   We are just happy to have found an actual lake close to here!   Several of my Exploring blogs have discussed how hard it is to find any water around here.   And the monsoon season is amazing!  Although our dog freaks out in the storms--and has to be outside in the mist of it.   The street in front of our house is paved and soon floods up to my knee height.    I have seen a lot of rain from living in Oregon and Washington for years, but it is usually a cold rain that chills you to the bone.   And the thrill of dancing in the rain disappears after about 2 days.   Although the rainy season there lasts about 4 months.   Here it basically gets so hot that God takes pity on the residents and it dumps down rain!  Better yet it is a kool  refreshing rain.   The dirt is so not used to rain or moisture of any kind that the water does not know were to go.  

**"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."**
-Ronald Reagan

  OK so Jess had her 13th birthday party on the 4th. First ---wow I am old. 2nd---I believe all of the girls ---Except the birthday girl cried about something during the party/sleep over. Does that make it a successful party or not?------I do not understand 13 year olds at all   especially the girl versions.  And I was a teen   once  long ago. 

    So I have been sharing a lot about my new job.  And  I love the job, but the 12-8 in the AM schedule is not really high on my list.  It seems lately that I always seems to feel like a Zombie if I am at work or not.   Last night I pulled $150 in tips---so that was defiantly a plus.  A hard feet on a normal shift---but really so on a grave yard.  If I do say so myself. 

I in now way claim to be the smartest crayon in the box   but Dam I see stupider every day.
Even when I don't voyage to Wally World.
One of our dogs will even snag the top piece of bread on your sandwich.
This wasn't the magic school bus.
I don't care who you are   that's funny right there!

                                                                    Thanks for being a reader!!

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