Monday, June 23, 2014


     **"How do people in Mexico run to the boarder to eat at Taco Bell??"**

                  **"We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people!"**

   **"Boobytrap spelled backwards is partyboob!   Carry on."**

          **"It is OK to let your mind go blank  but please turn off the sound. "**

*Boss logic* My response when you ask me something---"No!" My response when I actually hear and comprehend your question----"Hell no!!"

                         **"Had a one night stand---my legs are killing me!"**

      In a month and one day---I may or may not be having a birthday.  If you have lots of presents, yes I am having a birthday!   I can supply you with a list of great presents I would enjoy.   But since I am the only one that can see most of my friends--I don't see to many gifts being under the ol' birthday tree.  I have been told that if you are feeling really down about life--you just change the birthday settings on all of your personal pages like Facebook--and sit back and enjoy all the greetings and well wishes!   Several months ago we got out of Bank of America.  I could spend the rest of this blog explaining how annoying the bank was--and not helpful in general for us.  Right after we switched banks, the name changed for the bank completely.  I am not sure how this even happens.  But it can not be a good sign for things to come for there customers.   I am starting to think that if we had any money we should just hide it in our bed mattress.  ----Please disregard this last sentence if you know were we live. 

     Today we had a rare family day and snuck away to the zoo in Tucson.  Although I have seen much betterer zoo's it was just about the right size --to enjoy and get out.   I do not like much about Phoenix--but the zoo there is amazing.  But it is much to large!   And after paying to get in--you want to see everything before leaving.  When you live in the land of the sweating sun, seeing everything before heat stroke fully sets in can be a real challenge.  But don't buy drinks at the zoo--a fountain soda can be three or more dollars!  The one in Tucson is a nice size.  Plus it has a water park in the middle---it is meant for little kids, but cooled us off just fine.  Just beside the zoo is a huge city park.  More on all of this very soon in one of my local Exploring blogs.   All about Exploring beautiful Arizona-and very full of pictures.      Please check out my newest blog sight and share the page like crazy, if you enjoy what you see there!

         I am starting to really believe that living in constant sun affects people.  It seems to mostly be the same people that repeatably tell you --that the heat is not really all that bad--because it is a dry heat.  Once it gets so hot 300 days in a row--it's just flippin' hot!   I don't care if it's a dry, wet, sticky or even moist/sexy heat   it's hot out.  Stop grasping at straws and trying to tell me it's not hot out.  Having sweat drip off of every part of my body is natures way of telling me it's Dam hot out.  And if it was a totally dry heat, wet things would not be dripping out of every orifice of my body.  The constant heat makes people angry-very angry. And it seems to make them dumb.  Very dumb.  I use our current neighbors and the stories I have been telling about them as exhibits A-Z!

  I have touched on this before---but if you have to do a price check at a dollar  store---maybe the owners should think about changing the name on the front door of the store.  As in---it's not a dollar store!  Locally ONLY the Dollar Tree is actually a dollar store.  Any of the others have prices all over the board.  Few of them an actual dollar.  Cliff notes:  This is NOT a dollar store.  I do wish the Dollar Tree sold gas though.  ;)

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