Friday, June 6, 2014

Good Evening.

    Good evening and welcome to June!   In this month is the brief period of time that our tow oldest kiddos are the same age.  As of the 4th that gives us to teenagers in the house.  It also marks about a month until our oldest turns 14.  And near the end of July I might or might not have a birthday.  As I keep mentioning with my new job schedule I have went from having too much free time to having almost no free time were I am not sleeping.  I have been working 12 at nights to 8 in the morning.  And it seems, so far anyway that when I am home I am sleeping.  While you are waiting for me to get off my butt and post more blog posts-please check out my past blogs!   This page alone has over 350 posts. 

My newest blog page is all about Exploring Amazing Arizona.   I have several new posts for this page.   Multiple ones from Exploring Tucson.  Please pass on this new page    so that others can enjoy it.

  **My second blog series has some of my best personal pictures and lots of                     Exploring!**                                      Please take a look around.

             **Tell me what  you really think about all of my thoughts!**
             This page gets updated first.      And it is on Facebook---so win/win.
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head   This page like my blog page has lots of coffee love!   Including a full album of pictures you can enjoy and or borrow. 

 **"I was wrong - missed the "window" to get off the grave yard shift. Yahoo."** :(-----  I had heard rhomers I was soon getting off the grave yard shift.  Very soon.  But I just learned that this will not happen in the near future.  I had hoped to not become used to the hours.  But this might happen.  At the moment I am just a Zombie any hours I am "awake."

   **"Super long day and still two hours before my Monday grave yard shift starts. Time to insert the coffee IV!"**

   **"In my next kitchen, I am just going to install vending machines."**

**"Between my long hrs. at work and the heat -I have now officially lost it. Got ready for work, made it two exits down the highway, and recalled my days off work have switched this week and I do not work tonight. At least I thought of all this Before getting to Tucson! "**

                   **"When life gets you down, make a comforter."**

                                   **"You put the F U in Fun!"**

I didn't get this one at first---and than it hit me!

                                                 Mmmmmm pizza!

I don't know if this is a real ad or not, but this is good advertising. 


                                                 Once you see it  you can't un-see it!
                                                     Especially if you see this in person. 

True story!
Although I need one for both hands--because the gear shifter gets super hot also. 

                             Thanks for being a reader!  

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