Monday, June 16, 2014

You Survived Friday The 13th---Lucky You!!

                                          Sunset over the Waffle House in Tucson, AZ

                                  **"Dad, you have always been like a father to me."**

   **"Sometimes I swing by the police department just to see if I still have the high score on Breathalyzer!"**

   **"How many different animals did we have to jump on the backs of before we discovered horses were cool with it?"**

**"Constantly telling others how great you are-- might mean you aren't all that. Let your actions show your greatness and strengths.
Also if you mess with my family---make sure you can handle the crazy storm!"**-----
More on all of this fun and thought line on another day. 

   **"Today's *mini rant* comes from Lake Patagonia---- Yes there are lakes in Arizona. I'd like to issue a special thank you to the family that let their two bull dogs loose to run through all of the kids and than come to annoy our 2 tied up dogs. The fine owner lady --said that her dogs were on a leash. This is true, but no one was holding on to the other end of the leashes. Any rate--these fine people are the reason we as a society needs leash laws for sure. And possibly the reason we as a society need inbred laws."**------Again more on this on another day.  We snuck to the lake a few daze back.   And I really am starting to think I just need to stop leaving the house.   ;)

      Hello everyone!   I hope that all of you fathers out there and  mothers that pull double duty had an amazing and relaxing fathers day yesterday!!   In a way I had the day off---at least from my work duties.  I work 12-8 in the AM and still have not gotten used to the schedule.  I am not sure I want to get used to the schedule.   But most of my time off, I do not know what day of the week it is, what time it is, what year it is, and seem most like a living Zombie.  I did a little quick shopping in Tucson before heading home ---lost a little bit of cash at one of the casino's.  I call it donating for more Purdy flashing lights in the casino!   Got in a good nap -although I still feel tired---Always.  In the evening I took a dip in our new pool and watched the sun set.   Arizona sun sets are seldom disappointing.  I than had a couple of brews and just relaxed.  The dip in the pool was extra nice, because by than the water was chilly---by Arizona standards and no one else was brave enough to get in the water.  It felt great--and I have definitely decided to swim in much colder pools in my travels. 

       In an attempt to pimp out our car port--and just live on it when the breeze is blowing.  We have some really neat items on our covered car port.   A lot of the goal is to stay away from all of our neighbors also and to make them jealous.  Between the dippy, overly judgemental residents here with waaaaay to much free time and the in laws, we are seriously very close to ready to move again.  Much closer to work would be great.  Among those items on our calming porch --we just added a pool.   A big pool --one that almost did not fit on the porch.    It is one of those above ground models 12 feet X 3 feet  and it is amazing.  We splurged a little--and I will add pictures soon.   I have to say that the most fun was buying the pool---we used my tip money and a good deal of it was 1 dollar bills.   As the cashier was counting the stack of bills for the 2nd time, I explained out loud -that all of those ones had just come out of my G-string the night before!    The cashiers look was classic, as she stopped counting the cash -trying to decide if I was joking or not.  I am easily amused --but come on, that's funny right there.  Happily if she thought it was true or not, she still sold us the pool. 


Stayed in Tucson was 100+ outside All ready to take a dip in the pool..... And awww! Fail. More local Exploring    Many more posts in the works for this page.  Plus lots of Exploring and picture taking on our part. 
I was all stylin' in my bathing suit too. 
Art  Tucson style. 
I am going to stay away from the crazy for now--with our neighbors and such and just go into some jokes and such.   Enjoy!
A few daze back---three now it seems, it was Friday the 13th.
I am not superstitious at all, but on the same night was an amazing full moon.
If you did not get a chance to stare at it, you should have. 
I work in a casino, so I thought all the crazy would come out--and it would be a really busy beyond interesting night.   It really wasn't much of either.
True story!
**"The police never think it is as funny as you do."**

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