Monday, July 14, 2014


                      Good morning to everyone!   I am sitting on our back deck today writing this action void blog post.  It is still not to warm --but it is July and that will change.  By afternoon even if you take a shower--you get out of the shower and are instantly covered in water again.  The shower water being replaced by sweat.  Luckily the intense heat only lasts about two months out of the year.   And much of July we rejoice with the monsoons!   A magical time of the year, when even God decides it is to hot here--and the heavens open up -giving us a huge down pour of cooling rain.  Often much more rain than the dry desert can deal with.  Causing even more problems.  But at least everyone is much cooler and a little happier.  Even if there car is now surrounded by water and could be considered an island.  At least now it can be considered a dry but moist heat.  All of the old timers in this state like to explain why residents do not spontaneously conbust from the sure heat---most of the time--because it is a dry heat here.  If that was not true---watch out mister!  Because than, boy, it would be hot!   I have many times before mentioned how mind numbling stupid this is--- once it's over 100 outside and in many cases inside--it is just Flippin' hot- no matter what kind of heat you are dealing with.   So I will not go into this thought line any deeper now.  I may very well continue to make fun of the concept though.  


Blog rundown:
My first page full of posts, Exploring, random rambling and coffee love!  This very page!   Nearing 32000 views.   So thank you all for that!!
Some of my better pictures and Exploring of Washington state mostly around Bellingham. MY newest page all about Exploring amazing Arizona. Check them all out!!

So many trails   So little time!!
                    We have now lived in the Benson, Arizona area for just over a year.  I have a whole blog post coming filled with pictures and thoughts on the great little town.  It is still hard to believe we have been here a year now.   Time flies even when you are not having fun! 

     **"News flash to all the people that have been calling and texting my wife so early in the morning---mostly with wrong numbers and such---- I work grave yards and have no issues calling you back even earlier in the AM. ----Just sayin'"**

    Last post I added some links I found interesting and hope you also enjoyed them.  Here is one for this morning to wake you up a little bit.    This person has lost it   and really wants some Dam Mc Nuggets!     Mmmm Mc Grease!

     The other night at work ---I work in a restaurant in a casino---we got extra busy at 3 AM after a concert had let out -the bars were all closed--and everyone suddenly realized they were very hungry.  And needed to attempt to sober up before gambling more or attempting to drive home.   At any rate the grave yard shift is full of interesting people.  And that is just the workers.  Two nights back because of the rush--we had tickets all the way across the cook line of food waiting to go out.  The cooks were killing themselves off trying to keep up with the rush.  And food was coming out of the kitchen --but not fast enough for starving drunks.  Anyways several gentlemen from a table of mine decided they had waited more than enough---drunkin' waiting time is different than sober waiting time, by far.  And came up to the cook line and started to harass our lead chief---who handled things much better than most people would or maybe should.   The last time they came up -- they canceled there food orders-- $60.00 worth of food and than went into a rant about how some day our tribe would get everything figured out and would be able to actually get food out of there kitchen to hungry customers.  This was extra entertaining because the chief and I are beyond white boys as well as are most of the cooks.  If anything we are from the not so famous Chip-A-Hoy tribe.   The casino does own all of the food outlets and such, but serving food is not really a tribe thing.   Most casino food outlets actually loose money because the eaters are  not gambling. 
     These customers were trying to get a rise out of someone.  And trying to offend.  I have let a few things slip--while working at a casino in Washington that co-workers did not exactly like--but really was not trying to offend anyone.  There I always called myself the token whit boy--this was why I supposedly made the big tips.  But I think it was more because I kept my knee pads extra polished.  One day I was talking about being new---and very low on the totem pole in the scheme of things.   That did not go over to well.  

I really miss Wood coffee   from the Bellingham, WA area  anyone wish to send me some??
My birthday is coming up.....   ;)

I seriously used to own this very shirt. 
But I can say I have never worn mine in a mug shot.
I have posted this before--but it still amuses me greatly.
Sounds like a plan for tonight  or for on my up coming birthday.
To bad no one else can see any of my friends.
I do believe it might be a great night off to fire up our fire pit!
I will be jumping in our pool at least once today before the monsoon rains hit.
I do have one complaint about our new pool---the sales people at Wally World never once told us we would have to clean the Dam thing!
    Directly above is our new bed headboard.  I share this to brag and to show what amazing things it is possible to obtain for free.  Mostly because people have to Dam much stuff.   We also got an amazing grand father clock a few months ago for free.   But in warning--it many times is not worth the hidden costs of being free---because people are people and often greedy.   But these particular items are amazing and well worth every penny we spend--and more. 

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