Saturday, December 3, 2011


                    **"I would have been a stand up comedian, but I like to sit down."**

**"If paper beats rock then why is it when I throw a rock at your face, the paper doesn't stop it?"**

     **"Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it."**

                  **"I've been on this new alcohol diet... I've already lost 3 days this week."**

    **"Stupid small towns----So I walk into the dr's office and within 5 minutes, everyone in the front office was calling me Bobble Head."**----
     I have kind of gotten used to being called Bobble Head around work.  A name that has stuck with me through many jobs and years.  Something about the way I walk, I don't see it.   So I enter the waiting room at the doctors, and am called by my name.   Than a co-workers mom appears out of no where, and announces that I am not Steve, I am Bobble Head!   And soon everyone in the office was calling me that. 
      **"If my flu shot makes me sick on top of my sickness I want my money back! Wait it was a free flu shot."**-----
      While I was at the doctor, they decided I needed a flu shot.  Working with the public, this is probably a good idea.  But I have never had one before.   After it was to late, and the shot was in my arm.  I started to ponder how good an idea this was.   If a got the flu, even a small dose of it from the shot, on top of my other crud, I would be majorly annoyed.   But so far except for the opposite arm that got stuck hurting like heck, all is good. At least as far as being sick. 

                                      **"Off work and have a bag of pills wahoo!"**----

   So I have been sick for almost two months now.  And the top reason is that I have broncytis and asthma, and the two have been battling it out in my chest.  Leaving me dead tired and beyond sickly and just plain blah feeling.   I am glad that I have not gotten the other strand of sickness, rampet around town, were you throw up a good portion of the day.   Have you ever had to puke and go number 2 at the same time?   It can be a huge delima to decide what function you should try to use the toilet for first.  I highly recommend trying to puke first.  I will let you try to figure out the reasoning behind that on your own. 

  **"I love how it's the holiday season and the "F You" song keeps playing! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit. No really, I like it, because I hate Christmas music."**----I believe the worse is country Christmas songs, with their nasal twang.   And I like country music for the most part.  I think the worse is Wally World radio starting about Christmas Eve.  They play every version of Jingle Bells there is for 24 hrs straight.   From the song played with bells, to cats meowing it.   Working there I learned to block out the radio for the most part, but it was nearly imposable.  Luckily towards the end of the night, you were so busy trying to kick last minute shoppers out of the store, you really didn't pay attention to much else. 

  **"Non Wyoming friends ---stop asking me if I want any wool sweaters or Velcro gloves for Christmas!"**

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