Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11/11/11--OK Thats NOT Todays Date, I Just Never Got To Write It!

  **"When people first meet me, they think I’m quiet. People who have known me for a long time wish I was."**

    So, after months of walking every were.  This grows worse with winter time.  I enjoy a great hike any time, or a jog.  But never have enjoyed walking in the least.  Although the more I walk, the more time I have to think of ways to get out of walking next time.  One such concept is to go to a place like Pizza Hut, order a pizza, and than pay the driver to allow me to ride with the pizza to my home.   It has to be cheaper than a taxi, right?    Taxis are expensive in this small town.   It is about $12 to ride any were in town.  And you usually have to wait about an hour for a taxi.  Were do they park them, in Dayton?  I only ask, because you can walk across town in an hour or less.

    I ended up back at the Doctor last Thursday for my check up.   I really am not feeling any better, and it has been about two months of this "fun."   I can say that un-like last time, the entire waiting room wasn't calling me Bobble Head.   Although I heard it at work a few nights back.  A customer came in with her child, and called me to the table as Bobble.   The child yelled Bobble!  for the remaining of the eating adventure.  Anyways, back to the dr's office, my your mind wanders!   In fact this visit I almost got away with only being called Steven.   Almost is the key word.  Just as the nurse was closing the examining room door, another nurse walked in, shook my hand, and told me how great it was to see Bobble Head again.   Again I must emphasize how I have no idea why anyone calls me this.....  But the name has followed me around for a good seven years now.  
     It was soon decided that my last round of pills was not helping me at all.  And I and the DR went over all the test and pills and such I have been taking.   He asked me a ton of questions.  And poked and prodded.   Than he paused and looked at me.   Soon saying "You have been sick for a long time, what the hell is wrong with you!?"   I just started laughing because I was not aware that it was self diagnose day at the office.   

        Even with such advances in medicine as described above, I have learned not to use Internet sights like Web MD.  Because after you put in your symptoms, you are ready to write out your own will!   5 possibilities of what you might have pop up, and the first one always seems to be that you are  pregnant.  Even if you are a male.  The next two are off the wall diseases that you probably don't have unless you go around licking public toilet seats.      And the last two are full blown out, you have 3 days to live, bad-ass diseases.   The last two is what you instantly start worrying about, and noticing you have all the symptoms of.   Cliff notes, no matter how poor you are, or how bad your current doctor is.  Do not use this web sight.  The same can be said about going to my blog website.  One I would recommend today instead is The Oatmeal.com   Full of funny, and valuable tests to take.  Like to see if you are addicted to Facebook.   Which amazingly, I am!  

  Tonight my pictures really have nothing to do with any of the topics.  But as always if I am amused, that's all that really matters.   I braved the cold for a little bit the other day, and will have some new pictures up on here soon.  For the most part, I just got cold and re-discovered there is not much within walking distance, that I have not already got lots of pictures of here.   And my next blog will be a little more "meaty"    Thanks as always for taking the time to read.  And please leave feedback!    Good or bad, it all helps me improve for all two of my readers!  

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