Tuesday, December 6, 2011


   **"Is there something in the air besides snow and Christmas?  Because everyone is overly pissy!  Everyone besides me.  Maybe it's just me that's making them that way?"**

  In case your Christmas calender is not working, the holiday season, and year for that matter are almost up.   If you are like me, and the only calender you have, is from your bank--for next year.   The count down is even harder for you.   Either way, it is way to late to start good deeds now, to fool Santa and compensate for the past year of dastardly deeds. 
   I had before thought that only the "Crabby Patties" came out in full force when you worked in retail.  The closer Christmas gets, the less spirit the customers have.  Until long about Dec. 22nd, you find yourself surrounded by angry mobs of shoppers all wanting your last box of tinsel and even to buy fruit cakes, if nothing else is on the shelves.   But it seems to apply to about any job dealing with the public.  The diner family has been shopping all day and just wants to sit in your booth, and yell.   The guy in checkout 12  wants to throw his holiday basket of apples at the lady writing a check ahead of him.   I want to do that to any check writer, any time of year., so bad example I guess. 
    I guess what all of this means, is we should start shopping way sooner in the year.   But it can be very depressing buying gifts for uncle Sam, who used to be aunt Samantha, when the back to school sales start.  Plus what fun is it really, if the shoppers aren't all out in masses?

                                  **"Why does free food always taste betterer?"**

  So last night I ended up at the Holiday Inn for a free dinner.  And I have to say it was great.  Although it is a little strange to have workers dishing out all your food.  Maybe because in a buffett setting, I like to grab my own food.  Or simply because I am so used to serving food to others.   Supposedly this feed started out as a free dinner for the needy, but expanded greatly.   And I noticed the donation basket was very full when we went through the line.  Maybe not as much after we went through the line...   OK, I kid!   In fact a co-worker seemed appalled that I had even went.  But as I looked around at the tables, I saw all kinds of regular customers that enjoyed the restaurant I worked in all the time.   One owned several shops in town.  Another has a huge ranch.   They were enjoyin a night with friends, and hopefully meeting some new ones.  And I bet they added generously to the donation basket before enjoying such a great meal.   After a great meal, we collected a heavy bag of food and took them to a needy person we know.   Pass it forward.   And Faaaaa on you, that think I was stealing from the hungry!

    **"The radio said it was up to -0 earlier. Is neg zero colder than 0?? Damn global warming!!"**

    I believe I also wandered the same thing, when the Arbys digital thermometer registered a bone chilling -186 outside!   Yet another thing I wish I could find the picture of.  
But it is defiantly looking and feeling a lot like Christmas time around here.   With the temps and actual white stuff all over the ground.   Because of the radio weather reports, every five minutes, I now know that that white stuff is called snow!   Living in Arizona for so long, I kind had forgotten what it was.  Although it did get cold there in the winter at night time.    Cold considering we were used to 180 in the shade during the summer.   I know one year I witnessed snow in Vegas, and I was sure that the end of the world would happen way before 2012.

  So I was just reading about a planet just discovered that has all the right conditions to have beings on it.   Considering the massive odds and infinite solar systems and such, it was just a matter of time.  But I really did not think I would ever witness that kind of a find.   Not witness, but be alive for.  I do not think I could survive even space camp, because watching the rides from the ground, bugs me at carnivals.  

   Once again today, I ended up at work on one of my daze off.  OK days off work, I will clarify, because many would argue that I am always at least a little bit off.  Although I was with good company today, it seems like I wander to work maybe a little to much when I am not working.  Last week I ended up eating there on both of my days off.   Maybe it is because my cooking skills are close to non existent.  Maybe it is because of some of the attractive servers.   In the summer time I was always there working.   Which is better because you are getting paid to be there.  I got enough overtime during the summer, that I lost getting food stamps from the state.   Which is amusing because as a server in the backwoods state of Wyoming, even on overtime you make exactly $4.50 an hour.  Like wow!

                            **"The more you leave, the less you have to lose."**

    In all my moves, I have defiantly noticed that if you move all the time, even with three kids, you do not accumulate near as much stuff.  I will get back to you on if this is a good thing or not.  When I moved last from Washington state to Wyoming, with my tail between my legs, and  a huge disgruntled chip on my shoulder--I was on the bus with only my suitcase and a backpack.   It was easy traveling.  But now while doing a quick inventory of the few belongings with me, it  is more than a little depressing.  I have a really good buddy that moves all the time.  And he gets rid anything that will not fit in his pickup when he does move.   Things are just things, but I still enjoy having a few belongings I can call my own. 
   This all said  I love a good road trip.  They are amazingly calming.   This was the first summer in a long time I could not take a road trip.  And I think my soul is greatly suffering as a result.   My blogs are also, because I don't have any awesome adventures while on the road.  Every trip I have been on had great adventures in the day, and relaxing  nights in a local motel 6.   My ex trys to count my bus trip as a road trip.  But it was not calming in any way or enjoyable what so ever.  So I can not count it. 
    I hope to take a long adventure this spring.  It will be cross country by far.  A great addition to this blog  in writing and pictures.   And turn into a job hunting trip. 



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