Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/21 Is A Palandrome

  **"Poinsettias are the herpes of Xmas. They're red, they're everywhere, & if someone gives 'em to you, it's the shittiest gift ever!"**
                                   Dam--whats that say about fruit cake?

    **"With 11 days left till the end of the world feel free to indulge this holiday weekend!"**---Me

     Is it wrong that at my work place, we now have a count down of how many daze until Christmas and another for how many days till the end of the world?   We have already survived two supposed end of the world dates this year, so good luck to you and yours on the 31st when all the power grids shut down and computers can't update themselves leaving planes to fall out of the sky... wait that was Y2K.   Screw it, in the words of Tim Mcgraw--"Just live like you were dyin!"    
     For whatever reason, or in my case mixture of reasons, it does not seem like Christmas time at all right now.  I look at my posts from last year at this time, and I was so ready for the holidays and family time.  This year, I can't even get myself motivated enough to get all of my shopping done.   One plus, enhanced today, is that we will have a white Christmas for sure.  I bought some great kids I know a package of grow your own snow.  Because it is very likely to be a soggy yet non white year again in Washington state.  This packet is kind of like the little sponges that grow in water.  And you end up with 12 ounces of snow!   I am surprised how many times the small package warns the users not to eat the snow.   I thought only yellow snow could be dangerous to your health.

   **"Today just keeps getting better. Woke up to an amazing message. Super great cust gave me 50 bucks. Its pasta bar day at work. Boss made fudge. Two workers quit and it's snowing!"**

                 **"I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity."**--- Edgar Allen Poe

   This one kind of speaks for itself.  As to most of this great mans quotes.   Which makes one wander if he ever said anything crappy?   People in history amaze me. Ben Franklin had 100 patients in his name. Past presidents, etc etc---now presidents get bj's in the oval office and people quote the long dead.   I have talked about this before, but mainly blame Google.  Wait I don't think I can pin this one on Google.  I do strongly believe that we are getting dumbed down as a nation.  Because ignorant people do not ask questions and go along with the masses.   Schools are starting to look like jails.  And going toward school uniforms at early ages all the time.  I have talked about all this in other blogs.  But will bring up the school uniforms again briefly here.   In one school in Arizona the official officials wanted to introduce a dress code at the elementary levels.   They said that if every child dressed the same, the kids from wealthy families would look the same as those from poor families.   The same officials soon introduced five diffrent school shirts.  Each costing a little more than the other.  So the wealthy kids got the $100 shirts from JC Pennys and low class got there shirts at Goodwill or the Bargain bin at Wally World.  Many conversations about this, did not clarify things in my eyes somehow.   But if all this makes sense to you, you might be a school official,  or recent elementary school graduate. 

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