Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Christmas Thoughts

                                 **"It looks like Toys R Us Yaked up in my living room!"**

    **"This fat guy breaks into our houses, eats our cookies, leaves lots of coal.  It's a good thing he also leaves some great presents!"**

   For whatever reasons --this year it did not really seem like Christmas at all.   I have heard the same things from a lot of people this year.   Although we did have snow on the ground, which helped.  I was again one of those last minute shoppers.   In fact, I still think I have someone to shop for.  But it turned into an all around good year this year.   I worked on Christmas Eve.  And it was amazingly slow at work.   Than went over to my parents house for some pizza.   We than went to a great church service.  That I have to say, put me in the true holiday mood.   Christmas day was beyond crazy at work.  We ended up with only three servers, and ran all day.   But the tips were good.   That night I went back to my parents and we looked at lights around town.    Not that many up at all this year I must say. 

**"Poinsettias are the herpes of Xmas. They're red, they're everywhere, & if someone gives 'em to you, it's the shittiest gift ever!"**-------
                   Makes me really re-think  all that fruit cake I sent out this year.....
                                      More sheep for my collection!    I have over 20 now.  
 **"Sorry Facebook, but in a small town Wally World is the bestest social network around."**---
                                    This is especially true during the holiday season!  

            **"You'll shoot your eye out!" Best part of Christmas Eve? 24 hrs of A Christmas Story."**---
    I worked with a Ralphie for awhile.  We used to yell "you'll shoot your eye out!" to him all the time.  He was our boss, so his code name being "Butterball" might not have been the best idea.  But he looked a lot like a frozen turkey.  And managed like one too!   Anyways, at one point my buddy transferred to another Wally World, and  would call our store around Thanksgiving asking for Ralphie.  He than would ask the going price on Butterball turkeys per pound.    Second best holiday movie--- National Lampon's Christmas Vacation!    The worse part of the season may very well be, all of the Christmas music.  And I like the music.  Just not so much when it starts playing in October.   Plus living in the sticks, brings the country twang Christmas music, and I don't think much is worse than that, except for my singing for sure.   Which is so high pitched, dogs can't even hear it!   At Wally World, starting on Christmas Eve,they played 24 hrs straight of Jingle Bells.  Every version out there, from cats meowing it--to Christmas bells.   So great--minus the great!
**"Going to church helped put me back in the spirit tonight. Have a great Christmas everyone!"**---
**"Wally World is full of last minute shoppers that vow to cut back on the stress next year, and start shopping on the 22nd of December!"**---
**"Today was beyond crazy at work. Non stop customers with three servers. but i like the tips!"**---

    **"Y is it Christmas night, and I have the "humping" song by the Blood Hound Gang stuck in my head?"**

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