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11/13/2010 Family

                         **  I don’t need more friends, you have friends and all they do is ask you to help them to move  cause you have a truck  I have moved enough**  ---"Sh*t my dad says sight

     As I am quickly nearing D Day to my next big move I am reminded of a lot of things.  First, that I hate packing.  I have plenty of experience packing up and moving.  *Never again will I tell anyone -I am a professional packer.....   *    And have done every move from cross country to middle of the night move outs using flash lights and garbage bags to hold my belongings.  The best part about moving so much is that it is hard to build up many belongings and packing is more streamlined.   The worse part would probably be re- paying for large essentials.   I think I have bought 4 washer and dryers now.  Please note, all of this experience does not help me move others---unless lots of beer and pizza is also provided!

Worse move picture ever!?
    My great family has many very interesting variables.  Non of wich include a family tree that goes straight up like some of my friends.   O.K. they are not really my friends, but they make an appearance in the movie Deliverance.  If you have never seen this flick, consider yourself very lucky.  Some scenes tend to get stuck in your head, like the G6 song.  If this paragraph intrigues you even more and you and your buddy's all get drunk and watch the Deliverance movie.  Two things,  I warned you!  And don't descibe the nights events as having a deliverance party!
    I moved to Wyoming just over a year ago with a huge grudge on my shoulders.  The summers are great here, but the winters are in a word, nasty.  And I hit the state just before Turkey day.   I soon landed an awesome job, and had a great summer.  Mainly because of making some  great friends, growing with old friends, booze, and family.   This past summer was one big/great family reunion.   We are a close family, and I love my parents and beyond to know end, but we are all nomads at heart and seem to be circling the globe in different patterns.  Now that I have been here so long, I am finding it hard to pack.   Not physically but emotionally.  I know that you will all stay in my hearts, but not as near.  Great things are waiting for me, but great things are here too. 

Mom, myself, and my brothers

Uncle Al?

Dad, my bro's, and there woman
     I am the baby of the family, so my parents and I have always been close.  After this trip  I feel we are even closer.  My brothers and I were in the same place this summer for the first time in 28 years!   I got to see some relatives further down the family tree, that I probably haven't seen for twelve years.  They are all growned up with families of their own.  I think that was the hardest part of this move back home.   All of my school friends have a family of their own and lives of thier own.   And at least for my time here, I really had no life.  Sure we would see each other in passing at Wal Mart  but for the most part, I see most of my friends only on Facebook. 
    I saw two of my sisters this year also.   It has been quite a gap since I have seen either.  And it was great seeing them.  *Writers note:  Although I use pictures in my blogs, I try to not use names until the people in question tell me it is ok.  If you are onna those people, let me know.  And yes, sometimes it is simply because I do not know the persons real name.    The last sister spotting, was for Turkey day.  And I hate to admit I spent most of the time, trying to get into her notebooks.  She continually writes down "quotable quotes" in special notebooks that her friends and or drunk people say.  And I believe that it is an awesome idea.   If nothing else she could publish many of the best thoughts, and allllll of her friends would purchase the "book" to see if they were in it.   We also all tried to help her document what people do for fun in Sheridan.  I have to admit no one would like to see our answers.  Sheridan really is God's country, but it's also extremely mind numbingly boring!   Just recall that "sheep are safe!"  * Don't ask.

Sheep are safe!??

My sister and I

Mom and Dad!
     I also consider most of my co-workers as family.   This is the first job, I have loved in a long time!   And I spend much more time at work than anywhere else right now.  It is actually fun, for the most part and work helps take my mind off living in a "box" and other things.   I thank you all for an AWESOME year at work!!  I will never forget this job because of it's workers and will try very hard to spend a few months this summer at good ol Jb's!

A future Adams?
    A special thanks also goes out to the few friends of mine that have stuck with me through the years.  I have been in some really tight spots through the years, and a few of you were always around for me.  To you, and you all know who you is,  Thank you times twelve!

"Proffesor Getty"

My family

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