Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weeksend and Beyond

     Time seems to be speeding up.  But around Christmas, it all seems to be one big mind numbing blur.  This blur was lessened somewhat for me.  Almost all of the my holiday shopping was done for me.  I sent some funding, and a coffee card, for energy and  every time I talked to the awesome shopper I had bought another gift for someone.  All without leaving the house, or being in the same state.  The blur was worsened, by me adding a cross country move into the mix.  For those of you that didn't get the memo,  I moved, by plane from Wyoming back to Washington state on the 20th.  Possibly why I have not posted anything on here since Thursday.   Or possibly because by the time I got my free wi-fi working in the Seattle airport, it was time to catch my plane out.  I will post more soon, about the actual flight. 
    Last Tuesday became my last night at work.  It was kind of nice for no one to throw a fuss at all, mainly because they thought I was working again on Friday night.  So I had more than enough free time to pack and be overly bored.   I was surprised how much stuff I had accumulated in my year in Wyoming.   I was under the impression, that most of the belongings in the motel, stayed with the motel.  After giving away boxes of stuff, and pre mailing more stuff I soon realized I had to much stuff.  I purposely kept my last weeksend in town free for partying.  Something that did not really happen.
   On Friday I was bummed to find out I would not be on the work schedule.  But soon heard it was dead at work that night, so I really didn't miss out on that much.  That night was supposed to be my going away party.   But that never happened.   The persons in charge had a duel wedding to prepare for.  Full of itchy chairs and newly found mates.   Good to once again know how I rank to people.  I spent most of the night talking to my own fiance, still states away.  We both were on the countdown to the move.
    Saturday was filled with getting last minute things done.  I believe I actually slept in late.  Moving in with someone with three kids, I thought sleep might soon become low on my to do list.  Dad and I went to coffee for the last time in awhile.  Saturday night My brother, his wife, daughter, and my aunt and uncle met me at my parents house for an adios dinner.   I love my family to no end, and soon became lost in the conversation of the night.  The best part, you ask?   The pie!!  
    Sunday my mother and I went to the new Narnia movie in 3-D.  It was fitting because she introduced me to the book series, years ago.   It was also great, because her and I in my time home, almost never spent any time together, just the two of us.  It had sadly been the first time I had been in the Sheridan movie theatre since about 2002.  It pretty much looks the same, really looks the same in the dark!  My landlord brought me an awsome and expensive package of candy.  Wich was very suprising.  Although I think it was mostly that he will be missing the rent money.   That night was the Christmas party at the job I had worked at for the past year. 
    I really didn't want to go to the party at first, but am very glad I did.  The food was great.  And seeing most of the workers for the last time was even greater.   I ended up with some weeine soap.  Wich is great because my weenie really hasn't been clean before without the soap!  I just have to recall, that it is for external use only.   Reading that might have ruined my weekend!  Now if I just get gifted some soap on a rope, I will be set.   *hint hint.   I also ended up with some more stuffed sheep for my collection.   Long story short---sheep are safe!   Great combination of gifts right?   I had to pack them extra special and far apart in my bags to not have to miss my flight while explaining the gifts.  Beyond all the great food, it really was a good night.  Plus I got to see Santa.   Although I hate to say, arriving very drunk would have made it an overly grade A party.  At least for myself.  As long as I am amused right?
External use Only!
Sheep are safe!

    I will miss everyone from Wyoming a great deal.  And hope to continue talking to you online. 
Next post will be about the actual flight.

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