Monday, December 13, 2010

Groovy Places Vs't Google These


 Soon I am going to post about Sheridan, Wyoming's best and worse places in my point of view.  Today a quickie about some really great places I have seen in my travels.  And than five of the places I would advise others to avoid like the ghetto of the North Pole.  Were Santa's laid off elves sell crack and seldom used body parts.  

    Lets start the list off groovy places off with Sheridan, Wyoming.  The state really is God's country.  But I would strongly advice coming in the summer.  It really is a tourist town and kind of dies out and freezes  over in the winter.   Sheridan has one of the coolest down towns I have seen in a long time!   Plus it is close to Billings, Cody, and Bozeman!
    Apache Junction, AZ is just a fun place to visit.  It's in the valley but not unbelievably hot.   Plus the surrounding hills are supposed to be filled with buried gold.   Lake Havasue is very nice and touristy.  I have never been around during the spring flings and seem to think that would be a bad time to visit. 
    Seattle, WA is very high on the list.  And not just because the very first Star Bucks was opened here.  You can easily spend a weekend enjoying the sights without spending much money at all.  Plus many of the koolest sights are within walking distance of each other. 

    Viva Las Vegas is great for the occasional visit.   I do not enjoy gambling, but enjoy the city that never sleeps.    Although last time we were in the city, we had all three kids.  Not the best city for kids, even if it is advertised a family vacation mecca.   Now that the city is further away from me, I kind of miss it.   Lincoln City, OR is also awsome.  You can gamble a little bit than walk out the door and be on the beach.
    Number 2 on my favorites list is Bellingham, WA.   I will soon be a resident of the area again--time number three.   It has some of everything.  Bays, hikes, mountains, quality coffee, and Canada is right down the road, Aye!  

    Wich some how brings us to my favorite spot so far   Flagstaff, AZ.   The town just seems to be very homey.  Just driving up the mountain you get that great smell of pine trees filling your lungs, the higher you climb.   Route 66 goes through here.  And it is very close to great destinations, without being in the valley.

    I have been working on looking at the positive of everything, so will keep the Fail part of the list short.   Sheridan doesn't hit fail, but is close in the winter time.   This is something I really can not explain in words.   You just have to live it to realize it.  
    Phoenix, AZ is on the list.   The entire time we lived in Arizona, we did whatever possible to not visit the town.   Although it has some great things to offer, like the zoo.

   And a tie for my least two most un'favorite towns...... *Drum role please.    
Kingman, AZ--- When we first moved into the area we got a great bi-polar slum landlord.   Things seemed to go down hill from that point.  And I soon lovingly referred to the town as the Devils Crotch.   My sister would not visit me there for anything, because of what friends told her about the town.     And although I have meet some great people in the town---- Aberdeen, WA     I accomplished a first while living in the area by getting 86'd from a local bank and the cops called on me for trying to cash a payroll check.   It also houses the first mall I have ever seen that is going under.  Both business wise, and that it is actually sinking into the swamp it is built on.   You know that contractor is in Mexico   laughing his as* off!   I do have to say, the town has onna the best slogans around though!   See above picture.
      Any to add to either list?       Comment away.


  1. Sorry about my last comment. You know what that was really about. You know I'm actually president of your fan club. MA

    Nice photo of the Big Horns.

  2. lol-I helped! Wish I could claim fame to taking that picture. It is super nice though!