Thursday, December 16, 2010

Panhandeling for Beer?

Stop putting coins in my drink!

 G' Day!  I am having trouble writing this and the next post I have in mind.   Because for me, I am trying to step way out of my comfort realm or box and eat Taco Bell.  Wait wrong plug, step out of my box *that's extra funny right now because I basically live in a box, it's so small*  by writing a couple of posts that are fair to every ones opinions, and maybe stop and make you think just a lil.  As always, thank you for visiting this sight and PLEASE leave a comment or three.   Your input helps me make things better.   Plus I am opening a new blog next year, and hope to make it extra awesome.  My next posting is going to be about "Mr Happy" not being happy.  I have seen the man be an OK citizen, so am not writing to make fun of him.  But asking if with all our modern conveniences is anyone ever happy anymore?
    Today's whole thought process started earlier in the week.  I was trying to cross the street in Sheridan.  OK the town has more than one street.  I was crossing Coffeen at the very long wait by Wal Greens, Albertsons and such.  Across from me was a gal about my age, holding a sign, asking for cash.  Most of the time I do not think younger people receive many hand outs.  Because passers figure they could find a job in no time.  But being this close to Christmas people were pausing or stopping left and right to give her hand outs.  
    At the time holiday shopping was on my mind, and I am way behind.   I did not stop to ask the gals story.  It might not even have been a true story.   But now, I wish I had.   Like at many jobs, I have experienced many spectrums and sides of lifes events.  Being a dish washer at a restaurant helps you appreciate all they really do, and next time you are a server, you become much nicer to the lowly dish washer.   I have been stranded in towns many a time, and had to solely rely on others to get back home.  One long night stuck in Tacoma, WA sticks in my mind.  Our mini van zonked out on the side of the interstate.  The highway patrol bumped us down an off-ramp and we spent the night in the van, under many blankets.  The next morning, at breakfast a couple over heard our blight and basically gave up the rest of their day to help us out.  It was soon found out our van was a huge paper weight and would not be running again.   The couple drove the five of us two hours out of their way to bring us back home!   And than would not take a dime for gas money.   Good people are out there, they are just few and far in between!

    Few people know it, but I panhandled one weekend.  Although I spent a long time trying to look the part--by not shaving and such, the actual actions, were onna the lowest points in my life so far.  I was living in a different non-running van in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  The van/home was about to be towed away.  I had made some big errors all around, and had no access to my cash until the weekend was over.  I have to say the cash was great--but it is something I would never want to do again.  I am positive some people do this from town to town, endlessly wandering and mooching.   Making more than more a month than you or I do with a real job.  But most really are  down on their luck.  And really do not want to be begging for your pocket change.   With the economy still on a huge down turn, this issues will probably get worse before it gets better.  I hope you and yours never find yourself holding a sign on 5th and Main.  But stop and think next time you see that pan handler out their.   Are you really more than a missed paycheck or two from personal financial ruin?  

Bet he made bank!


    Some people really are panhandling cause they enjoy the cash for doing nothing.   And you may not really be able to tell if they are hard up or good at throwing B.S.  Sometimes you can tell just by the sign they are holding.   Or by how fat the dog is with them.  Most of the time you just have to be the judge and juror.    
    Have  a Merry Christmas everyone!!

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