Friday, December 3, 2010

Day One--And or Welcome!----Dec 3rd 2010

  Welcome to my new sight!   I had a terrible time naming this blog.  Because I have SO many directions and personal goals for this page.   Other ideas that were tumbling around in my head for a title ---- No Brains, No Headaches-- Random Randomness--- and Build a Bridge and Git Over it!   I also had an incredibly hard time reading my own cursive.  I wanted to organize my thoughts, at least for day one.   And have learned that mere minutes after I write things, especially, but not limited to in cursive- I even can't read all of it.  This becomes a fun game that I can play with myself--nothing dirty about that.   A much more fun game I enjoy, goes with my lack of hearing anything well.  Granted some of it is selective hearing, but I really am losing my hearing.  So for fun I make up what I think the person might have said.   Example:  "You did what to the cow!?  Poor cow!"  slowly shakes my head in a strange mixture of admiration and disapproval.
   Anyways, you are straying from my introduction.   No cookie for you!  I have many different goals, ideas, and directions for this page.  Some are best kept secret.  So it will be a bit of an adventure just in seeing were all this goes through the months.  If some how I establish a character who can eventually write for himself--so be it!  If the said, sadly so far mythical character, writes himself into a best selling box series about evil, but cute panda's that distract you into petting them, and than steal your virginity and identity.  And than any other ity's you have to give up--than by all means, buy the books!  I know I will, because I will be happily sleeping while all of this work is being done for me.  If the before mentioned super character's resemble your brother in law to a tee.  First, my condolences, second please do not sue us.  All of the book money went to groupies and new panda bear outfits!  Ok, now you as a reader are starting to stray here.  My own research has shown that the average American has an attention span of about 4.5 minutes.  Wich means I am already bored with this.  It also means that I will keeping many of my posts very short--or vertically challenged, like myself.
   What this page is all about!?!   Wait, you don't know either?
      My first goal here and in life, is to make others laugh.  A huge gap in my "writing career" is that I stink at writing.   I can tell a story and have people rolling on the floor.  But put it in print, and I am usually the only one amused.  I hope that everyone that stumbles across this page, 1) Passes on the web address.  And B) Gives me HONEST feedback.   Brutally honest.  I someday wish to turn much of my random thoughts into a book.  And want to hear all Y'all's input.  No matter how much it makes me cry.  I also hope to some day try stand up comedy.  And will use bits and pieces with the greatest input from you the reader. 
    The more you know me the more you know im never random.  "I'm not random, my mind just processes things way faster than yours!"   I tend to start sentences in the middle of a thought etc.   So I hope many come across this page that know nothing about me.  And they post their honest thoughts into my views and or madness.  Many of my posts at first have been seen before on sights resembling or being Facebook.  But eventually I want to force myself to write something new daily.  I eventually want to have a "mini rant" weekly posted.  Possibly by webcam.  And make the page as interactive as possiable.  A huge goal is to greatly improve my writing skills  wich takes daily practice.   Writing was once a huge passion for me, and now like so many other things in life--has takin a back seat.  In fact at the moment it is probably riding in the trunk of the limo.
    I have a very very busy couple of months ahead.  Adding a long distance move into the mix of the holidaze joy.  So I hope to share my insights on my new life along the way.  After settling down as much as one can with three kids in the home front mix, I want to post daily!   Too bad for you all.  Most posts will be way shorter and way funnier.   Lastly  I hope to tie this page into several other web page ideas I have roaming around in my head.  Yes the ideas have lots of room to roam free.  I want to share here more and will be somewhat neglecting my FB page.   Mostly because you have to physically click on this page to view my BS instead of being "forced" to read it on a status message.  *Don't like.  Tomorrow brings a brief insight in my 32 years on the third rock from the sun.   

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  1. The post that started it all. Today I posted #100. Things have changed a lot since Dec 3rd! Thank you again to all the readers.