Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dinner and a Show or A Meeting of the Minds Minus the Minds

    Strange events seem to follow me.  I believe the only reason one of my close friends *Vegas Dude has stayed my friend so long, is that every time we actually do talk I have tons of new stories to tell him.  And in many cases I become his person to go to when he wants a great laugh, or wants to feel much better about his life  compared to mine.   My personal way of feeling better about myself, is to ride the city bus.   People are drawn to me, Maybe it is because they can tell I don't like people--not unlike how cats are instantly drawn to people that hate them.  And for the most part there  *the bus patrons, not the cats, life stories are much worse than mine.   Two things changed this hobby for me.  1.) My stories started being more hard luck than anyone on the bus and B.) I moved to a town with no city bus.
    I hope to share many of these stories with you.   If no one is reading this I fear I have takin' talking to myself one step further.   But it is fine, until you start to answer your own questions!  I also hope that each story helps explain me just a little bit more.  To love another you must first understand and than love  yourself.
    Today's story happened today.  I had just learned that work was over on hours for workers and that my services were not needed for the night.  Since it was around two, I needed to boost my caffeine ratio.  Water was again claiming most of my body mass.   It is usually a 50 50 combination of booze and caffeine.  And the two battle it out all day to help me decide if I am drowsy or overly excited.  Booze has kind of taken a back seat with the onset of my old age, and coffee for the most part now is my best friend.  Chip A Hoy decided to have coffee with me.   Because, if nothing else this is a boring town at best.   She also worked were I do, and got sent home and written up last night for being a super great employee!   The exact reasons were still out for verdict, maybe because beyond being able to pay low wages to servers in this state  you can also fire a person for any reason.  
    I needed to check my schedule, and get something to eat.   So I tagged along when Chip went to work.  Apparently not signing false paperwork is grounds for firing in some places.  Something I can see from both sides of the story.   But the show down occurred at my table.   I pretended to be very interested in the blank screen on my laptop.   And in the end the worker became a surprisingly happy person in the un employment lines.   I am telling this, because I found it amusing.  Although I am sure way more so, if you were also observing in person.   And because if you live in Sheridan, Wyoming  I know a place with several new job openings.  
     In past postings I have tried to explain to others the type of individual I am.  I have had a Face Book account for a year now, and feel that people reading my rambling or that hear my rambling daily, have a good picture of the type of individual I am.   So if by some chance you did not fall asleep reading the above drivel   please comment in  with your description of me.
     Here's one to get you started    I personally find it mostly flattering and good.-----

  -"One of a kind he was being vertically challenged while heightened in character. When walkin', his head tended to bob thus givin' him the name "Bobble Head" He looked different with clothes on. Brown locks set atop his head with piercin' hazel eyes as a goonish smirk of a smile illuminated his face. There was somethin' 'bout him that caused one to feed off his radiation and in turn find a goonish smile that would forever put them in a good mood at the thought of his own. He was unique. But than again, one would have to be in order to work in various W Mart's all over the country "He had the urge and desire to live life to the fullest. in order to do so and allow others to share in the entertainment he performed pranks, gave off a sarcastic personality, and was always feeding on the fellow man's stupidity, after all, it is rather amusin'. Nicknames were promptly given, all of wich were suitin'"-----Puddin

                   **"You have a mind like no one else's."**---Becky (one of my sisters)

                        ** "He was like a speciel needs student-without the comitment."**

    **"That comment went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowel!"**----Puddin
    Now it's your turn.   Describe away foos!

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