Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thirty-Two Years Cliff Notes

Wyoming Jack cliff notes
Yo yo, I graduated from Big Horn High *yes I am a Big Hornian! in "97" Lived in Wyoming for way to many years---still open for new sheep jokes though! I worked in retail for just short of 8 years. I can not tell you the name of the company --but it rhymes with Fall Apart! I took a 21 day paid vacation, came back and told the managers "I quit!" One of the best days of my life. At the moment I live in a hodunk town in AZ. It truly is the Devils armpit! Even the local bank is a double wide trailer. And our last landlord is still trying to take me to court. She is a bi-polar slum lord.
It's amazing sometimes what you will do for love though. While working in retail, in WA fate played it's cards and 2 years later I am still with the love of my life. In fact I followed April to AZ. To bad for her! She is to amazing to even describe on here. And we have been through a looot, but each step just makes our love stronger and from rock bottom all you can do is go up right?

We finelly got the cash and the will to move out of Arizona. Soon after Phoniex was voted the sweatest city in America, with Las Vegas a close secound. We lived in between both towns. The plan was to move to Oregon. I had previously lived thier for six years. But this was the other side of the state. Were I had seldom been. Two months later, as fate had it we ended up in WA state again. April and I try to seldom make plans, because well they just don't pan out for us.

AZ was a very bad time for us both, but I would not change my past if I could. That chapter of life is past. And we are back to were we first meet. Back to green plants, water, and coffee joints on every corner! Everything happens for a reason!

Jan 28th 2010 Wow

Two days after getting back into beutiful B-Ham I found a job at IHOP. We were all soon living in a motel again. Wich is cozy when thiers 5. I soon learned that I still had issues from the great state of AZ and could not get a retail job or basically anything that did a background check, even after hours of kissing ass! We moved down the road a little ways, I had to stop working at IHOP. *move number 659 for me, I beleive it was.. lol
Things gradually got very very bad for me in WA and after three very bad roomate experiences in a row. I found myself living in the Mission. This is not a great place to reside in the north west. They come wake you up at 5 30 am,you eat, and than are out on the street till 6 pm! But it is a warm place to rest your head.
One of my few long term buddies, bought me a Greyhound ticket out--just before Turkey day. I put my tail between my legs, and headed for Wyoming. Somewere I really havn't been since I ran away fast in 1998. I feel into a job I had years ago, and love it. As far as Wyoming, ummmmm having so many realitives around rocks. I miss a lot of people, and the Northwest but am finelly able to stay above water, and randomly buy things that I want.
At the time, I am kind or re starting completly. I have no real plans at all. Tips sound awsome in the summer, so hope to stick around till about the end of July. Plus I really want to be here for the big rodeo week! I dream to end up back in B Ham and start chapter III and mend some majorly broken fences. And really hope that some day, it's more than a dream. But, for now, for the first time in a long time--I am living for me. I also beleive their, is another deeper reason I ended up in Wyoming for awhile.......

June 9th 2010

So, after months in Wyoming I have no more of a plan than I came here with. Although I am in a MUCH better place. I went into a deep funk soon after moving here. And soon learned that the answer could not be found in the bottom of a bottle. Although I kept trying. I took a very nice trip *minus the 22 hrs on the bus, one way* to Washington and now miss everything thier even more. But do not want to be out of here, before I get my ducks in a row. I do not want to be back in the mission for anything. And for the first time in a long time, I can start to pay the many people I owe off. I seem to just move instead of making payments. lol
I am looking at moving to Billings for awhile after this summer. Were I see bigger tips, and deffinatly a more livable minum wage! I can't beleive how low they can pay a waiter in this state just because we make tips. I know I can get awsome letters of recomindation from my current bosses and that will help a ton.
I at the moment have way to many pots in the fire. And need to focus on finishing allll my projects. The more I do, the less my mind wanders to things and people I can not change. I have a couple of ideas for some books in the works. And am going to start a daily blog very soon. If you would like the addy to my blog sight please just ask.
This should turn out to be an awsome summer, although it now sounds like no one is going to visit me. Except family members. I have, and will be seeing a ton of family members. I truly wish a few of my closest freinds could actually make it to Wyoming. NOt only because I miss the crap out of them, but because this is the area that formed me, and made me what I am today. Scary thought I know! Coming back has given me a lot of insight on myself. And I am sure it would do the same for them, if only a little bit of why I am so interesting! Plus I want to show off my hometown! On that note--I will have pictures up soon of the area. It's simple beauty and all. Thank you to my few freinds that have been around through it all! And to my realitives, that really don't have a choice except to love me!

People I would truly like to thank for always being their EVEN when everything went to shit! :
Mark Hyde, April Sherbourne, My parents-and family, Few select Wally World workers--you know who you are, Vegas Dude,  The night crew at Jb's.

    Dec 4th 2010

  So, in mere days I am flying to WA once again.  I have a one way ticket this time.  My life will never be the same.  But alllll of the past has brought me to were I am today.  At this moment.  Trying to always look, strive, and dream forward.  I soon after the new year will become married, a father too three and will be starting out in all this fun un employed.  Beyond everything else, my fiance has a life shortining disease that is far from a pic nic in the the park.  Do I have doubts, worries, sleepless nights leading up to all this?   Heck yes.  But a five year bond was planted and grows daily.   The disease, I will talk about more in a post this week.   And I hope that what I share helps you as much as it helps me.
    I beleive I have come a huge distance in the last year.  Last Nov is was homeless, jobless, and had no money in the bank.  Amoung other hardships.   This has completly changed now.  I still have many things that need to be accomplished.  Including finelly getting my drivers lic back.   It's been 8 long years without being legal. 

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