Friday, December 17, 2010

                                                   **"It's Facebook not Assbook!"**

    For years I got buy with just a measly Yahoo e mail account.  I talked to everyone I really needed to and partied with real people.  Possibly to much.   Somewhere along the line I ended up with a Myspace account, and soon filled it with pictures no one should really know about and thought long and hard about new status updates, to make people angry, jealous, and or laugh.  One day Myspace tried to get to hip, and mainly became overly annoying to try and navigate.  Suddenly everyone, their dog, and their grandma ended up with a Facebook account.  Ten year olds were lying about ages to harass other classmates.  Criminals were lying about ages to stalk your cat.   And your grandma knew every move  you made!  People really didn't see each other in the real world all that much.  But they knew everything  about each other!   And I am pretty sure everyone that voted down paying for the sight in the past  would do so now to keep their precious or page. 
     Now years later the only place I see most of my freinds is online and at the local Mart Store.  I live states away from my girlfreind, and use the computer a lot to keep up with her and her kids.  I am moving cross country very soon.  And I can not get anyone gathered for a going away party  for anything.  Although a few of them, declined on Facebook!
    Under the right circumstances, I love the page.  I can get on say howdy to whomevers lurking, get a good laugh, post a laugh, learn how every ones socks stink or poo smells like roses, and than log off.   But on many a cold night, when the television selection sucks, I find myself "lost" on the sight for hours, not really sure were the time went.  
    My major annoyance with the sight, is people stroling the pages to critisize others.  If you don't like what I have to say---don't click on my page.  Skip or block my posts.   Yet another reason I started this blog.   You have to personally come here to read my rambling.   And if you took that much time out of your day, please give me feedback in my comments.   I like the good, the bad, and the ugly.                                         
      Before voicing your thoughts please watch the following two links---------   Go ahead I will wait here.     The first from South Park.   I really do not have the link, but it is the Facebook episode.  Secound I just found today.                                


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