Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 I have been greatly slackin' on posts lately.  With the move, Christmas, a full house,
and new great Christmas toys and all.  I found a quite spot today, while the rest of the house sleeps and am posting a few.   I hope everyone had  an awesome Christmas!   And can survive that lull between then and the new year.   If you have kids that are on break it is about time to take that next sanity pill, and go to the mall to replace the pile of broken toys.

Count down

Spyin on Santa?
    The holidaze are so much better when kids are in the house.  The sheer joy and such.  Plus when they are bad, you can take away their gifts and play with them!  Because I lived out of state, and was moving right before Christmas I added cauos to the cauos.   But my great fiance did 90 percent of my shopping for me.  I sent some cash and coffee gift cards to keep her energy levels high.  And for awhile every time I talked to her, she told me what great item I had bought someone.   You can't beat that, with or without a beating stick.  I did sneak into town, to buy her a few gifts.  So that she didn't know what a few packages under the tree were.           
   Santa was way  better to me, than I would have guessed.  In fact I owe a few people a back up gift to make up for the great gifts they got me.   I was mostly expecting a truck load of coal.   Actually it might have been nice with winter time here.   Free heat!  Best of all he brought a Wii to our house.   A red one even.   I like red if you have not gotten the memo.   Spray paint is cheap, but painting the gaming system might get me punched. It proably also voids the stinkin warrenty in some way.  I usually don't like video games to much.   Growing up my household had Pong and than an Atari 2600.   The Atari games were fun, but nothing like the new games.  Although I do wish I had my old system with the huge box of working games.  I am sure I could make a nice amount of pocket change off it on Ebay.   But alas, they all went to one of my nephews, who probably opened it and broke out laughing.   Than threw it in the trash.  I had almost hoped the kids real dad had followed through for once, and took them for the week.   That way Momma April and I could have taken over the system.   That just means the countdown is up till school starts again.  

Our new Wiiiiiiiiii

From Santa
    We had a very good Christmas in my eyes.  And since the kids haven't complained about being bored yet, I guess they had a good one too.  We continued our great tradition of drinkin' margaritas and than playing Santa.   I won't explain it in detail, because this topic has come up in past posts.   I will say Santa's job was very easy this year, and the booze did not effect his toy building in any way.  We found a dated ornament for the tree and a new ornament for each of the kids.   Like each year.  In the aftermath of dead bows and wrapping paper, their was miles of smiles.  The worse part is, Santa will have a hugely hard time outdoing himself next year. 

     Tonight the kids go to Nana's and we go to the casino to chill.  I do not really like to gamble much.  But like to drop a buck or ten.   Basically donate.  And it's time out with cheap food and booze.   On Tuesdays the natives have a two dollar all you can eat buffet.  Now the food is much much better, and eatable.   The last time I ate their, I recall turning very green and not wanting to eat again for a long time.  At that point, I would have paid the owners twenty dollars to never have to eat their again!  

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