Thursday, December 9, 2010

11/09/2010 Or Were Did Nov.


Bellingham, WA

It isn't X'mas till Santa is drunk!

       First off  I would like to add that I enjoy saying .com at the end of sentences and or!   Mainly because it is annoying and fun.  Try it!   My weekend boss *Marshmallow-- (possibly not his real name) can't stand the addition.  Probably another reason I do it soo much.  I also enjoy .com because I firmly believe that whatever you type into a search engine will bring up 69 pages of porn links and two that might add in your research.   When you ran across this sight you were more than likely looking up  something like or how to bury my bosses wife.    Whatever brought you here---welcome and or I am sorry.
    Now on to the actual topic of today's blog.    Wich makes us stop and ponder if I really ever have a topic at all?   .....As I sit here in a local coffee shop listening to yet another Christmas song I have to stop and ponder what a good pair of ear plugs would cost?   I also, between sips, think about what Christmas really means to me?   Long ago I wrote an essay about the holiday.  It seemed to feature on what most of us do, the physical and things that money or a good pair of running shoes can provide you with.   To really decide what I think I believe I must visit my past.    I would love to hear your input on what the holiday really means to you and yours!!  I realize this sight is new, but as yet to have anyone break the cherry and leave a comment.  I think you are out there in cyberland, I can hear the deep breathing and smell the bananas burning, as you try and think.
    I seem to have been born the baby of the family.  If you really research things I was the first born last born and only child.  Gotta love step siblings.  If you ask any of my siblings, I was spoiled silly.  I would never admit to this.   And prefer  Iwas spoiled?, don't be silly!   We always had lots of family around and were never hurting for gifts to open. 
     Jump ahead 18 zit and gift filled years.   I was living in or around Eugene, Oregon    Hippie capitol of the Northwest.  Somehow I usually had some huge downfall just before Christmas and was overly broke.  Even for a broke person.  I lived miles from all family and worked at Wall Mart were greed can be studied in great detail.   One year during Black Friday, an older lady passed out while in line at the registers, people stepped over her for minutes because she was in the way of the checkouts before anyone paused to decide maybe she wasn't just sleeping.   Enuff said.  With being broke and single, I usually forgot to stock my home refrigerator.   Very few places are open on Christmas.  But several years in a row  truck stops served me and maybe a buddy or two well.   They are always open and offer a lot of food.
    About six years ago I was living in Washington state.  I was mostly single but stopped by my current girl friends house to enjoy some of the festivities with her and her kids.   After complaining about people that bought there items with 22 gift cards, each having change on them.  I received a stack of gift cards from her, each with $5 dollars on them. 
    The next year I was still at Wall Mart.  That purdy gal, her kids, her mom and I all lived in Arizona.   Like several years after that the kids got piles of gifts from Santa, and her and I mostly got I.O.U's.   The next Christmas found us in another small, small town of Arizona   minus the mother in law.   We were both working in the same Wally World of course enjoying the sh*t out of the holiday shoppers!  It was Dec and about 88 degrees outside.  My parents came to visit us.  They had never meet my new family.   A new holiday tradition was started before we all sat together on Christmas Eve.   It was called..... I am not sure what it is  called but it results in us drinking a lot of Margaritas and than playing Santa!   Good times.  The holiday went very well considering.                 

Margerita Bucket O Joy!!

Queen Creek, AZ

    Two years later we were all living in WA state again.  Bellingham to be exact.  In a half star motel.  Five people in a motel is comfy at least.  Most of our stuff was in storage on the other side of the state.  So we borrowed an Christmas tree and made most of the decorations.  The mother in law flew in for the holdaze.  And I am very sure one day 12 of us had dinner in the motel room.   We moved soon after the new year.  To Blaine wich is were the next Christmas happened.  Were  we continued the Margarita fun on Christmas Eve!  Helping Santa put three bikes together while extra tipsy is great fun.  And I still have the speech ready for if the oldest asked why the front wheel was on top of the handle bars.   ....."That's the new fad you see.....
    The next year was not good for me in a lot of ways.  I ended up back were I grew up, in Sheridan, Wyoming for Christmas.  The purdy lady and I had Margarita night early  like before Turkey day.  Although I am sure she repeated on Christmas eve, I might have too.   The holiday was spent with my parents and family at my brothers.  I hadn't seen many of them in ten years!  That night I talked to loved ones in Washington.

One brother and I Sheridan, WY
           This year I will be celebrating early with my family in Sheridan, Wyoming and than joining my other family in WA.  I will be much warmer and surrounded by loved ones starting a family of my own.  Being around kids during Christmas really is the best!  But I will greatly miss my parents and alll the family here.  Over the last year I have bonded with them deeply.   Something I will never forget and will miss!                                                                                 
    After this recap  I really can't answer my question to myself any better!   A place is what you make of it.  And one can be happy anywhere.   Christmas to me I guess, is all about being around those you love and giving not getting.   The real meaning of and for the holiday is found in the start of the word.  And a little bucket of booze never hurt either!   I hope wherever you and I find ourselves this season, it is safe love filled and great!   And if you say Happy Holidays to me, to save my feelings  I will deck you in the face!  


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