Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Six Months Thanks to Netflix!

    Everything is coming to the theaters in 3-d.   So much so that even the small movie house in Sheridan, Wyoming  *Boring mecka of the west or Sheep are safe and the other white meat, are now in the running for the new state moto!* is even going high tech with a new 3-d screen in the works.   The larger city I have lived in several times, Bellingham, WA has many movie houses-- the newest in the works, will have 17 screens for your enjoyment.  Three of them playing a movie worth seeing!   I at the time, do not feel I can afford seeing new movies--mainly because the price of popcorn breaks my budget!   And have spent many a late night watching movies on my computer via Netflix. 
    First  I am compeled by myself to say that Netflix offers me no pay for this particular blog or for mentioning there company name mutiple times.  I would also like to follow that up, that I would gladly write a more glowing article up  and make sure it was well read, for pay. 
    In my current situation, when I am not at work I tend to dwell on the past to much.  And a small amount of wandering for my brain per day is plenty for everyone involved.  I currently have no vehicle and live in a very not warm environment.   So having access to tons of movies, practaly instantly is a great joy.  My joy started with a compition named Redbox.   My girlfreind and I were living in a mini van.  We were in between jobs and homes.   In a short fashion, we had the van very pimped out.  Including a duel screen dvd player!  I hate to say my current residence is not much bigger.  But that is changing very soon.
    My minor main complaints to Netflix are not really the companys fault.  And ten years ago, we would laugh at such things being a problem.  First is that I rely on free Wi-Fi   and in a state were the wind comes out to play a lot, it is hard to get a signal.   Many movies have turned into six hour movies while trying to keep a signal.   The secound is the size of my screen.   *Thats what she said!*  I recently watched the movie 2012---- we have two years too live!--cliff notes for you     and actually really enjoyed the movie.   But my two inch lap top screen   gave some  room to not fully enjoy the speciel effects.   And that is 90 percent of this movie.  
     A huge perk is that my girlfreind and I can watch movies at the same time.   This dosn't sound to abnormal.  But at the moment we are four states away.  So it turned into a great long distance movie night.   All of this viewing  and free time led me to my own viewing guide.   Agree with it or not.   I always welcome comments on every post!         I am sure this list will continue to grow.   What are some of your favorite 5 bucket movies? 
                                                Ranked in popcorn buckets:
     1---- Major bummer movie.  I wan't my admission money back and everyone elses in the theatre!
     2----Watchable.  Watched the whole thing somehow.   Plot slightly deeper than a porno.
     4----Great  *Thought provoking*funny*interesting * and otherwise good
     5----Reserverd for few movies.   My highest rankink, yo!

Heres some of the movies from the last six long months.   I am sure the list will expand from time to time. I try to watch a wide range of films to stay interested and learn.

*1984-- *3* I just watched this movie.  And although once again the book is waaaay better-imagine that, are we really all that far from complete Big Brother domination as a society right now?  "Ignorence is strength."
*Surf School-- *1,5*  Says this show is filmed in another country, but I am pretty sure it's set in CA, dude!  One of the main charicters reminds me to much of my mother in law, and not in a good way!   Don't hit play on this bomb.
 *Zombieland-- *3.5* I have been on a Woody Herrison kick latly.  By chance mainly.  I thought this would be a mindless movie, but really got a kick out of it.  And Herrison looks bad ass in his zombie fighting outfit.  Makes me want to play my new obbsession game more---Plants vs Zombies.  The movie and the game are very addicting!
  *2012---*4*  We have two years to live!  I do not like most doom & gloom movies, but really liked this one.   Although it seemed long.   Have to watch again on a big screen, my laptop screen ruined most of the speciel effects.
  *Dear John---*4*  Not as much of a tear jerker or chick flick as I had assumed.  Although extra hard to watch while living so far from my own loved ones.
  *Funny Farm---*3* Old school with Chevy Chase.   Can't go wrong with him in a flick!
  *The Man with Two Brains---*3*  Another old school movie with a personel fav-Steve Martian
  *Maid in Sweeden---Havnt finished.   Kind of turned into a porno.
  *Smily Face---*2* Although I lived in Oregon for six years, I never tried any weed.  I have been in many a hot boxed room, were im sure I got a goodish contact high.   I do like a good stoner movie--This is not one.
  *Nothing like the Holidays---*3*  Family loves each other-no matter what. 
  *Scorched---*4* Woody Herlison again----Three seperat bank workers decide to rob the bank on the same weekend.
   *Mall Rats---*3* Clerks style     Funny but not
   *40 Days and 40 Nights---*3*  Man swears off sex, falls for a girl, loses girl, gets her back
   *Daxota Sky---*4*
   *Blue State---*2* Political blogger moves to Canada--Aye to escape Bush becoming president.  To preachy to have a good plot line.
   *Moving Mcallister---*3*  Brown noser helps his bosses daughter move.  Nothing goes to plan, and he risks his job to "date" her.
   *The Cake Eaters---*2.5*  Although this portrays Fredricks Attaxia *my fiances "condition" thier really is no plot to this movie.
   *National Lampoons-Bagboy---*2.5*  Lacking for a Lampoon film.  But worth a view. 
   *Slamon Salmon---*3.5*  Although the title sounds like a morbid porno  is a good movie  the likes of Waiting.
   *Year One---*3*  One of the movies my girlfreind and I watched at the same time.   Ammusing, but the ads make it look way better.
   *Old Dogs---*3.5*  I am a sucker for kids movies  but did not enjoy this one to much.  Was some good points, but far and few in between.
   *Outsourced---*4*  Worker is sent to train foreign telemarketers to sound American.  I really liked this movie. 
   *18 year old Virgin---*1.5* The title kind of says it all.   Some nude scences ranked it higher.
   *Big Trouble----*4.5* Comedy editorial Dave Berry wrote this novel.  As always the book is far more enjoyable.   But the movie in an enjoyable show I have watched more than once.
   *Dude Weres my Car?---*3*   Dude it's so dumb its funny
   *Henry Poole is Here---*3.5*  Man is told he is dying.  Buys a house to get away from it all.  Finds image of virgin Mary on his wall  and no one will leave him alone.  Deep movie actually
   *Up---*4*  Another supposed kid flick
   *Drillbit Taylor---*3*
   *The men Who Stare at Goats---*4*   I really liked this movie and would watch again
   *Sunshine Cleaning---*3*  Somewhat a chick flick, but still enjoyable
   *Stand by Me---*2*  My freinds favorite movie, but not really enjoyable to me.
   *The Jerk---*4*  Steve Martin rocks
   *Home Grown---*3* Another stoner movie
   *Dirty Rotten Scondrels---*4*  Another classic oldie with Steve Martin
  *Super High Me---*2.5* Comedian studies himself after a month of no weed, and than a month of lots of pot.   Kind of makes you think  dam it!
   *Cashback---*4*   Deep  but in a good way.  Plus lot of topless gals!
   *  Race to Witch Mountain---*2*   Booo
   *Bedtime Stories---*4*
   *Nick and Norah's infinate Playlist---*4.5*
   *Houndog---*3*  Supposed to be deep, but Id say leaning tword morbid.
   *Out Cold---*4*   Good laugh and a plot!
   *Sex Drive---*4*
   *Raising Arizona---*4*
   *Signs---*4*  I saw this also when it first came out at the movies.   Leaves a lot to the imagination.  Tells a lot without preaching or pushing.
   * The Big Lebowski---*3.5*  Just call me The Dude!   Whatever the writers were on, they should share!  Tripy, but still a good movie.
  *Mad Money---*4*
  *The Bounty Hunter---*4*
  *Interstate 60---*3.5* Makes you think.  Michal J Fox makes a very quick apprence.  "Messing with people's heads can be fun!"
   *About a Boy---*3.5*  Self centered man takes himself out of the spotlight.
   *The Game Plan---*3.5*  Another trip into the Rocks new roll as a Disney char.   He is a good actor who would have thunk?  My girlfreind is obssesd with him   So I hate to say have seen a lot of his movies. 

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