Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr Happy Isn't Happy---Are You?

            ** "Mr Happy is nice, you should try it sometime. Being nice that is."**---Puddin

    **It's not the ups and downs in life that make life difficult-It's the jerks!"** Alfred E Newman

   **"No, I'm not a pessimist, at some point the world sh*ts on everyone. Pretending it's not sh*t makes you an idiot --not an optimist!"**---Sh*t my Dad says website

   **"That F'in *&%$$##@* Head is OK now!"**---The Devil *My mother in law* Deciding maybe I wasn't to bad a dude.

   **"Smile, it will only get worse!"**---Marshmallow

   **"He was madder than an albino trying to hitchhike in a snow storm!"**---Larry the Cable Guy

    OK as usual, a little background is needed.  Until just lately I worked in a family restaurant in Sheridan, Wyoming.  I won't tell you the name of the place, but like any restaurant it had it's colorful locos, er locals.  Both as customers and on the payroll.   After years and years of customer service work, I like to believe I have seen it all and that I am very tolerant of others.  I try to be nice to anyone helping pay my paycheck.  Over the years I have also learned that some people can't be pleased.   They are wired to be annoyed and displeased it seems.  Usually I really enjoy this "challenge", put on my fake Wally World smile, and overwhelm them with great service and kindness.   Not always what they want.  But what are they going to say, He was to freakin nice to me??  One customer I used to always have, was about 80 years old.  She basically had to feed and take care of her husband, and was rarely jolly.   Liquids were never hot enough for her.  One day after I nuked her soup for ten minutes, she informed me that she could pee warmer than her soup.  I, out of options replied that I was sorry, that must hurt and than asked her what I could do to remedy the situation beyond drawing a map to the next nearest restaurant.  Everything was resolved, and they returned for dinner the next night.   Yeah!?
    Back to this restaurant.  We had a regular gent that was rather large.  Not that their is anything wrong with that.  He seemed to have a sour attitude, grunted responses, made new workers cry, and would spend a lazy Sunday reading War and Peace in your section.  The more people checked in on him, the more he seemed annoyed.  But reading a full book in someones section often leads to that.  I instantly liked the guy.   And started calling him Mr Happy, maybe because we had yet to see him happy.  I mainly delivered what he wanted and stayed away from the table.  Collecting a whole dollar each visit!  Not good for six hours of rent, but still better than nothing.  No matter whom served him, he remained grumpy--although the servers with boobs, seemed to get better tips, we still never witnessed him happy.   A new goal for us all perhaps?  
    Two weeks ago, he forgot to tip me.   The next visit, he asked for someone else to serve him.  Not the worse request in my book, but it was once again a slammin Sunday and he would be taking up one of my best booths for the rest of the day, minus the measly dollar tip even.   The following week, the jolly gent was sat in my section.  Again at a prime booth.  I took him his regular drink.  An easy drink with lots of modifiers.  And was grunted at.  It appeared I should not be his server.   Short story shorter---He left in a huff.  And I suddenly became Mr Happy for the day!
    I just watched a great clip about how the more things we have --the less happy most people are.  From the new Conan Show.  Please take a look, is very funny and true.         With Wifi and the likes  things are practically instant now, and yet everyone complains.  Any phone you have, is waaaaay better than the old school rotary ones.   Just today, I caught myself annoyed that I couldn't finish a movie at that time on Netflix, because the free Internet connection kept going down.   Really?  It's almost instant moving viewing at any time.  And I was getting po'd.   Several hours later, I find it amusing.  Although I still haven't viewed the last ten minutes of the dam movie. 
    I have been happier in the last year than I have been in years.   And apparently it shows!   A great friend of mine notices my great attitude all the time.   And a new friend of mine, constantly would remark about my "glow" at work that made work just that much better.   That said, I am not sure some people are ever really happy.   Things get bad and than get worse.   Bad things do usually seem to come in three's.   No reference to my girlfriend happening to have three kids.   But constantly exists in a crappy mood and than inflict your mood on others really is a crappy existent.  I realize this world takes all kinds.   But find another hobby folks!   I know someone that doesn't seem to be able to function without a high level of drama.  If things are going smoothly, they create drama for those around  just to liven things up.   Get cable T.V. and start watching soaps all day, please. 
    To quote my brother---One can be happy, where ever they live.   And for the most part, you hold the key to changing your attitude.   When I first moved back to Sheridan, I hated everything.   A year later, I wouldn't put the town on the top of my winter travel list, but honestly love my life right now.  I don't know, or want to know what makes you truly happy.   Maybe it's that woman, man, pet kangaroo, God, pizza, midget tossing.  Or a strange mixture of all of the above.  For me, true happiness is in family, helping people that are really in a bind, and making those around me laugh.  I was never in a better mood, than when I heard my hijinks's and attitude at work was that noticeable to someone, and made them enjoy coming to work just that much more.   Now that I won't be part of the "real" work force for awhile, I hope that on here, I can make more people laugh even just a little bit.   Probably not in this post, but in many to come in the future.  Don't worry  my mind doesn't stay serious long.   Because of the holidaze, I have been in a "deeper " mind set.

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