Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!


                                            **Party like a rock star!**
                                          **Lets Party like it's 1999!**
                         **"No thanks.  I don't need a party to celebrate New Year's.  All I need is a bottle of bourbon and a t-shirt that hangs down passed my balls!"---Sh*t my dad says website
**"Drinkin' is bad mmmm kay!?"---South Park

   I hope everyone had a happy and extra safe night last night.   I have been on the wrong side of the law a few nights of partying and it is not as fun as it may sound.  Some how most things sound like a much better idea when you are very drunk.  I will explain some examples after the judge releases my court dates.   I also know that it is the worse when you decide not to drink and than have a splitting headache the next day.  One of those pains that gets worse -only if you move and feels like only could be relieved by puking.   This is lose lose, because you have all the pain, without any of the drinking.
    I had a very mellow new years this year.   And was actually out of bed and going by 9 this morning!  Yes 9 a.m.  And enjoyed the mellowness.    I have had a year or so were I left work, went to party and showered for hours the following morningish to wake up, loose the partying smells, and or sober up.   Of course some of my past jobs did not require much brain activity.   When I worked at Wally World I believe my drunker daze, put me at the same brain waves as many of my managers.  And I don't think anyone ever noticed.  Although the more items you dropped on the floor, and actually picked up, the more blood went to your brain.  Equals bad. 
    I am in no way recommending drinking or not drinking.  My soap box is broken because I fell through it.  I may have drank like a fish in my youth.  And now believe that when several of my remaining brain cells randomly bump into each other, I smile the widest!   Or I just farted.   My current girl friend has three kids and they do not understand the concept of sleeping in  yet.  This influences one to drink very rarely.   Something about being woke up at 7 am to kids jumping on the bed, yelling, makes you want to wake up sober.   Plus I am over 30 years old now.   Whats that mean?   I am still not sure.  But I can't party like I used to be able to for sure. 
    The most memorable new years in a long time took place in Portland, OR.  In about 2000.   Their was huge rioting because the city didn't do fireworks that year.   We got pepper sprayed twice by riot police, just trying to get into bars.   We saw a police car get tipped over, several punks try to beat up bar security and no fireworks.   Around midnight we found a safe, packed bar away from the rioting.   No one could agree on when it was midnight and another huge fight about started inside the bar.   Luckily it was decided that each group of drinkers would use their own watches to start a very loud very long countdown to midnight and heavy drinking.   I believe the bar had 15 count downs to the new year that night.  And I am pretty sure I was part of the celebration with each of the 15!
    As I mentioned this year was very mellow.   We watched the celebration in Seattle, WA on our TV were it was comfy and warm.   20,000 people view the fireworks and festivals first hand and mainly seem to be freezing their buns off, but very happy about it.  I didn't have any drinks stronger than Pepsi, and two hours later was snoring in bed.   Boring but nice.  


I am going to start a new section to the blogs called "mini rants"    I slowly have incorporated them into Facebook when I am overly disgruntled.  I hope to add a new one on here every Friday and at some point would like to do them in movie form, so you can hear my anger.   If you as the reader, have anything that really annoys you---- add it to my comments section    and it might become my next rant.      Peace out, Yo!

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