Wednesday, January 26, 2011

V -Day Countdown

    **"Being the host is the worst job at the wedding, second to being the groom."**
  **The stripper was so ugly--I was thinking about calling the better business board!"**

   Today's quotes do not really have anything to do with my posting.  I thought they were amusing and they kindda -sorta have something to do with relationships.   And believe it or not men, V day is coming up.  The woman in your life knows the exact amount of minutes till the "holiday."   I personally can not stand the day.  And luckily found a woman that feels about the same.   Not saying I do nothing for her--- I do not want to become single again.   Flashbacks to single life and my many bad choices fill my head.   And their are a lot of them.  Single worse being---online dating.   Our official meeting anniversary is near V day.   Near because neither of us is really sure.   Maybe near as in--it's in Feb!   We for reasons I am not going to get into right now, celebrate on Halloween instead.   Definitely an easier day to recall.   And after taking the kids from house to house, we lock ourselves in our bedroom and "search" their candy for razorblades and mostly chocolates.   After that huge sugar high, it is impossible to send the kids to bed, but easy to keep her entertained when they finally do pass out, drooling actual sugar!

   So I am sitting at a brand new Woods coffee joint in beautiful Bellingham enjoying the view out the many windows and of the very talkative gals beside me.  *I pause as I turn my laptop --so they can't read that part*   Coffee joints are every were in the north west.   This one is very kool because it is Woods, and just the setup and building.  I will post a listing of my ratings of many local coffee joints very soon.   I have been slacking, and need to find the hand written copy.   As I sit here I ponder a few things.   First --how can so many good looking gals live in one town.   I have never lived anywhere with such a good ratio, although most of them seem to have two or more kids somehow.  Apparently others found them attractive also.   I am in no way saying that my fiance is not beautiful!   She is also more importantly the best female I have ever met.  Looks don't mean a thing when your a witch to everyone.  
    So back home in Sheridan, Wyoming were men are men and sheep are scared, several things have been happening.   One of my former bosses, new wife I will call her Hoover-because I already do *use your imagination why, house burned down just lately.   And I truly hope she can bounce back fast and fully.   Very recently a former class mate and next door neighbor died.   She leaves a lot of grievers including two sisters.   She lived next door and was in the class just below me in school so it is kind of hard.   What hits even harder-is new news that a huge church group from out of state will be at her funeral to protest.   Because she was in the military, and in short they find military deaths to be a good thing.   Luckily a larger group will be their to morn.  But hearing this angers me beyond belief.  Not just because she was a great friend and playmate growing up.   You will always be remembered!
    Lastly, because I walked to this coffee joint in a rare break in the seemingly relentless rain.   We even saw extended glimpses of the sun today!   Those of you in Sheridan, would not understand how thrilling it is to see the sun.   It snows, quite possibly to much, but it can be all out full sunny outside while it is dumping snow.   Anyways, man you are easily distracted, I have no drivers licence for some reason and walk in between rides.  Bellingham is huge on bikes.   And their are trails and bike lanes everywhere.  The city paid millions to add them, but when you are walking on the sidewalks, you are constantly dodging bikers.  Why do they need to take over the sidewalks too, when they have a huge lane on the road?   I am sure you have no more of an answer than myself, just sayin'  I would like to thank the area for making it so easy to walk or bike anywhere in the city!
    Very soon, I am going to start a new addition to the blog--kind of a recap of things in my life I might have not rambled about, and news topics that are overly interesting to me.  The first one I am going to "cheat" and go back further than a week.   Things for me have been changing like crazy.   For anyone keeping tabs, my fiance and I are getting married soon.   Thus the title, fiance.   We are going to do a small justice of the peace run, and than haul anyone that wants to come to Vegas later on.   Anyways, we have picked a month but not date for our wedding.   And that would be March, clear your calenders.  Whatever, I know non of you care tell the shin-dig in Viva Las Vegas!  I have already had six people volunteer to take pictures than.  We are neither real fond on jewelery, she almost never wears her engagement ring even.  So are toying with the option of getting "rings" tattooed on.    Let me know what y'all think of that idear in my blog comment section.   We are also getting matching tattoos next month.   It will be my first and I will have pictures up after words.  *Non of me crying like a b*tch while getting it*  The Chinese symbol for love ---if anyone is curious.   NOT of a sheep  like so many of you might have guessed--thanks for playing!   Some of this is new news to many of you, please don't call us about it.  *who am I kidding?  
    OK so back to the original "topic" of this blog.   V-day as much as you our I may hate it, is right around the corner.   As I said, we do not really think much of the holiday, but to remain a couple I still come home with something nice to very nice.  She doesn't like jewelry much at all.   And although she likes flowers, they die way to soon.   I found an awesome gift for any of you men wandering around downtown gift shops staring at toasters and random house hold cleaners for gifts.   The answer is no! to those--bad shopper!   They have a new rose out, that smells and looks like a long stemmed rose, but is dipped in awesome goo  and lasts 7+ years!    I am not including a picture of one, because it looks like a rose-Mr Dope.   But they are great.   We have had one in our house for about a year now.  And it looks as good as when I first found it. 
    These are great!   End of story and shopping, yo@!

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