Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Thoughts OR An Unwatched Pot of Pot May Be Half-Baked

Even the port-ta-pots are super sized!

           **"The healthiest part of a Happy Meal--Might be the toy!"**--The Daily Show

    **"No. Humans will die out. We're weak. Dinosaurs survived on rotten flesh. You got diarrhea last week from a Wendy's."---Sh*t My Dad Says  web sight

  Some very good movies have Super in the title.   Superbad, Super Troopers for example.  Super High Me---  Even after living in Oregon for eight years, I have never tried any drugs.   I drank like a fish during that time, and was defiantly in some hot boxed rooms-were I am sure I got a contact high that would make me loose my job.  But never seeked that kind of fun.   Oregon has more hippies than Woodstock.   And they like to protest.   I am sure they were overly angered that CA and Colorado legalized medical weed way before they did.  Mostly because Oregon residents have been trying for years.   Maybe they were so high that they kept forgetting what they were doing.   Anyways, I went through a whole studying weed phase a few months back.   My fiance has a deterating disease that keeps her in constant pain, and she will only get worse.   At some point, could weed have way more benefits than drawbacks for her?   I watched several stonier movies for research and than stumbled across Super High Me.   Her and I just re-watched this "documentary" and the movie it is making fun of, Super Size Me.   Here are some thoughts:

    In Super High Me a comedian decides to film what would happen after he goes for a month with no pot in take what so ever, and than a month of very heavy use.   He involves doctors and takes several tests each month.  No major complications showed from his month of heavy usage.   In fact his SAT scores went up, and sperm count for some reason on weed.   He also decided that that much usage was over kill because he wouldn't allow himself to drive anywhere and could not recall big parts of days. 
    It's interesting to see him document the medical weed dispensaries in CA because they get busted several times during the short flick.   Although it is recognized and or approved at the state level, federal government still sees it as a crime and highly illegal.   Federal laws outrank still.  But things are made more complicated by how much taxable income the "business" brings the state.    Since the movie was filmed, Colorado has followed suit.  I know for a fact business is booming and at an all time high in Colorado!   And it was reported that for ever Starbucks in the state, their are two such shops.
    I am not sure I learned anything from the movie.   Although it was entertaining.  I guess if something became legal and could help the constant pain, it could easily become a way better and cheaper option than the tons of pills one may need to take.   For far less benefit.  This movie was of course making fun of the much more documentary structured, Super Size Me.
    We also watched this movie on the same rainy afternoon.   I am going to steer away from an underlying theme--- that many Americans are become super sized.   Starting with our kids.   In many schools, the same company's that feed our kids, also mass feed thousands of jail prisoners.   Big manufactures pay big to keep their products in schools.   The movie showed that Texas has like 8 of the fatest cities in America.  Proving once again that everything really is bigger in Texass!
    In the movie the main star eats nothing but Mc Crap for a month.   Much to the dismay of his vegan girl friend.   If the cashier asks him to super size his meal, he does.  And he must try everything on the menu.  Simple rules.   He joins a nutritionist *whose shop closes before the end of the move, because they didn't have enough clients to pay the bills.   And three doctors who monitor this testing.   This movie is kind of hard to watch and defiantly not as entertaining as the last mentioned. 
     My first input is Yuck!   I love Mc Donald's breakfasts, but am rarely up early enough to enjoy one.   The lunches I crave about twice a month.   But have learned that exactly ten minutes after eating a Mc value meal, I need to take a massive dump.   Like if their is not a restroom close by, I will make one.   This is what I call a very cheap enema.   *Which makes me wander two things.    One:   Why is this not brought up in the commercials?    And B: why do places like Wally World sell enemas in two packs?   The thought of no other food for that long makes my stomach turn.   I like food to much for that.   The same results seemed to happen in the movie.  
     Before the end he had gained 15 percent body weight and was feeling over all crummy most days.   He also kind of became addicted to the food.   He felt like crap, until he ate his portions.  Than had a "high" of sorts after eating.  Around day 22 he awoke at 2 am with similar symptoms to a heart attack.  He was not in huge danger, but ALL of his doctors urged him to stop the experiment. 
    It took him about a year to loose the weight he had gained.   The movie also showed how abundant fast food is for everyone.  Not just the Mc Shops although they are proably the most common and well known.   At one point he visited an first grade class.   He held up several pictures to see who the first graders recognized.    One was George Washington----only a few knew whom he was.   One picture was Jesus----very few recognized him.  One child guessed his image was George W Bush.   Close?   The next picture was of Wendy from the Wendy's franchise.   More kids recognized her instantly.   When he held up Ronald Mcdonald---every kid knew whom he was and instantly got happy and very talkative.    Just thought that was overly interesting.  
    Most of his doctors and such said that at most a person should eat fast food twice a month at most.   Never was ideal.    In this fast paced life, the ideal is not very likely for anyone.   Plus randomly the food really is good.  It greatly helps to know and more importantly realize the dangers of this food.   And the helpfulness of striving for a balanced diet.   Not the kind you balance in your lap while driving home.   With exercise and such  *something I keep forgetting, almost any type of food intake is duable.  

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