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**Mini Rant 01--Bad Company & see if you made the list

  I am going to start a new section to the blogs called "mini rants"    I slowly have incorporated them into Facebook when I am overly disgruntled.  I hope to add a new one on here every Friday and at some point would like to do them in movie form, so you can hear my anger.   If you as the reader, have anything that really annoys you---- add it to my comments section    and it might become my next rant.  
    This one I think everyone that has moved out of their parents home can identify with.  Bad company.   You know the person that comes to visit and never wants to leave.  They just kind of linger in your home.  Using resources and not giving back to the house hold.   They usually can be identified by a  lack of income, walls, and a job.  You let them stay at your house for a night or too and suddenly they work out a deal with you to become a new roommate of sorts.  It usually seems to end very badly for everyone involved.   Maybe the people have their own place to stay, but randomly stay at your house  because it is nicer or they can mooch off you.  Plenty of people really are in need, and it is great to help them out.  But to the many more that just want to leach off others and than try and bite the hand that feeds them are truly at the point of my sliding scale. 
    Most people have dealt with this at some point or another.  If you have not, maybe you are the weakest leach.  Maybe they think all of your cigarettes are every ones.  Or the huge change jar is for everyone. Or they just stop cleaning or moving from in front of the TV.   Little things that can easily turn big. 
    This topic line brings me to my worse roomies of all time.  I do not like people so roommates helps pay the rent but isn't enjoyable.  The only people I would, am, living with again are my fiance and her three kids.   But that kind of goes with the whole getting married concept.  I have had some great roommates, but they seem to be far and few in between.  Plus the good people make for a boring blog.  My first pad was at 18 when I first moved out of my parents house.  I made the mistake of moving in with my best friend and his woman.  So I instantly started as the third wheel.  His mom would call all of the time, and than get mad at me if I did not know were her son was.  With caller id,  I forgot to answer when she called.  This saved me from talking to her, but just made her call more.   This came to be a short stay, that ended badly.  I recall moving all of my belongings out in thirty minutes while my roommies were shopping.   We are friends again now, but the patch up took awhile. 
    Years later in Washington my girlfriend let a friend of hers stay at her apartment.  Within a week she had invited her boyfriend to stay with her without asking.  Things quickly got worse and even without being polite the happy couple did not want to leave.  I recall a long drunken night while they were at work.   Throwing their bathroom supplies off the back third level porch for distance.  They soon after, caught the hint, and after collecting all of their supplies decided it might be time to move. 
    In Arizona we moved a lot.  We moved in with a nice lady from work.  We soon found out that she was a hoarder of crap, and spent all of the rent money on buying things.  We found this out by finding an eviction notice on the door.   
   In Arizona, we had just gotten out of a very bad rental situation with a bi-polar slum landlord.   And had settled in a nice trailer across town.   Being very short on cash and trying to be helpful we let an older man and his three sons crash in one of the rooms.   They were living in between their van and the Mission.   The oldest son had a job, and at least two of the others collected money off the state.  They soon tried to take over the entire house and started spending all of their money on toys and snacks.   Their snacks were hidden in the room, but they had no trouble eating all of our food.   One fine night, it was determined that they were not paying rent since they had done that last month.   I tried to explain that it was a re occurring bill.   Something that re-set every month.   The concept was to hard for them.  And I soon had the old man in my face screaming at me.  My "mother in law" ran into the room got between us and told the man that "If he didn't back down, one of us was leaving in an ambulance, and it wasn't going to be her or myself!"  I do believe it was the last time she had my back.   She is no small individual and the company all decided their van was safer.  
    Soon after we had an individual come over to shower.   She got herself kicked off the carnival, and the shower turned into us having a new roommate.   She was awesome at first, helping out with cooking and dishes and such.  But soon found it easier to lay on the couch all day.  I am very good at annoying people, and she eventually found it better to scam a bus ticket than put up with me.
   In Washington state again, I found myself on some hard times.  Eventually I ended up living in the Mission for awhile, but made a lot of mini attempts to find a place to stay.  All ended up bad.  At one point I was staying in a townhouse in the huge village of Blaine, WA.   I had my belongings in several different locations as free storage, but a lot of my items were in the place.   Her son was spoiled and a brat from the start.  He came into my room constantly and was allowed to do what he wished.  Things on all aspects started to go down hill quickly.  One day while I was out job hunting, I came home to find I was locked out of the house.   The owner locked all of my stuff up, and sayed that I had brought fleas into the house.  Basically she was blaming her bad housekeeping on me.  Because last time I checked--and I checked a lot--people don't carry fleas.   She kept my stuff *basically stealing from a homeless person, nice right?   And I again moved on. 
    Two moves after that I ended up in some very nice apartments in Bellingham.   The total concept was very strange.  But I was desperate for a roof over my head, and started handing out rent money.  The person who was the main signer on the lease, moved out when I moved in.   She was a crack ho at best.   For some reason, she kept the last house key and they didn't have a spare one for me.  On month two, I had some issues getting rent money, and it took all day, but I got it.  The crack ho, got overly antsy, proalby because she was low on drugs, and threw away all of my pictures.  Most I can not replace.   Near the end of the month, I still had no key and was wondering why the other roommates were not asking for my share of the rent.   While they were all at work, I started snooping.   And learned that they were all planing on moving out on Monday.  I learned this on Friday afternoon.  The apartment managers were doing a final walk through of the apartment on Monday.  I was not on the lease, so they would have wondered who the goobley - gook I was!  I did some huge scamming, and was out of the apartment Saturday morning.   With some added non money "bonuses" for the real residents.  All I can say on the topic right now, is that they deffinatly did  not get their deposits back.  My mother reads this blog--so if you would like to hear what happened to the apartment --comment me. 
    This first "mini rant" turned out realitivly calm for me.  Not much ranting or foul language from myself.  To make up for that--I am going to include my Sh*t list for people in the last four years.  Kind of a major ranking.   It is surprisingly short.  But if your on it  I hold a huge grudge, and am daily fighting back revenge.   Fighting back, means I won't do it.    In no particular order-----

                 Angela-----Above mentioned *decided I brought fleas into her home*

                   Trio----Above mentioned  *Concept of paying rent monthly =foreign*

      Wal*Mart---Worked their 8 years-----Cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation*

     Slum--Bi/polar landlord in AZ----Rented us a house that should be condemned.  Her advances are still causing me problems.  Because to the state of AZ-I am threatening and intimidating.**

    Crack-Ho----Above mentioned  *Threw out years of my pictures--ripped me off times 20*

              Heather--- Greatly takin' advantage of someone I love in the last few months-To busy with life, for a new baby*

    Rusty B---Past co-worker that didn't work.   Honestly the worse part of my last job*

    Thad Tyson--Past co-worker that decided to rip me off and than leave the state of Wyoming while I was in WA.  Now mad that I don't want to be friends.  *Tear!*

   Oregon Police---Entire state----Once got a ticket for speeding while parked*

    Rob H---Told me restaurant workers are the number one contributor to fat people being fat---I don't recall force feeding anyone.**

           My old cell phone----Costs a fortune each month--to not make calls**

  DURP= Dimwitted Urban Redneck Parole---not my friend on Facebook, but would check out my status, and than get pissed about them.   Wanted to beat me up at work.**------ AND DURP II--- Jumped my now fiance while we were partially separated.

                                          ** BP----Nuff said!!**        

Crappy town/Awesome slogan!
                 **Aberdeen, Washington/Kingman, Arizona--Gotta visit to understand**


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