Monday, January 10, 2011


True Dat!
                  **"If thier is no caffiene, what is it for!?"**---Grant Miller

  First I want to thank my small group of readers.  No matter what brought you to the sight.  Please add comments -it will help me improve and or learn from my bad writing, yo. I also have been slackin' at postin' lately.   Coffee is my best friend, but we got a bad batch of coffee grounds lalty.  Juan Valdez isn't watching his quality control enough I fear.  If you add enough sugar and such, it's drinkable  but still not what I would call good.  But caffeine is still added!  
    When I first moved back to the great state of Wyoming, is Wyoming still a state?  If you could find a resident brave enough to go outside in the winter time, you could ask one.  Anyways, when I first moved to the state, I was living with my parents.  They quickly found coffee for me in the mornings.  I assumed since they awoke so early, that they drank real coffee.  Sleeping in is 5 am.  After about four days of drinking a ton of coffee and never really waking up, I stood in the middle of the kitchen, bitchin' about just that.  I figured my tolerance had really went up, because that certain day I had drank a pot of coffee, and was no more awake than before the first drop.  As I was explaining all of these deep problems, my mother was laughing a great deal.   "I have something we need to tell you." she soon proclaimed, and than told me that I had been drinkin' decaff so far that week.
    This was wrong on many levels!  I do not understand decaff coffee on many levels.  But now know more than I want to about the magic liquid helping you go poop, no matter if it is decaff or full caff.  And I than begged them to get me a steaming cup of Star Bucks coffee!
   A few weeks back, I did not rinse out my favorite coffee cup very well, and my favorite drink tasted a lot like soap!   Since the coffee drink makes you go poop, I instantly started to wander if my farts would also blow bubbles.   I did not test this, but if you know the answer, please let me know.  This topic brings us to a long standing argument at our house.  Most people hear the story and are to grossed out to answer the argument.  If you have any insight, please add to my comments.
   One day my girlfriend and I, had a lazy Sunday sleeping in.   I half asleep, decided to pull the covers over her head and fart.  As when your drunk, sleepy ideas are better off left in your head.  I, into the game a little to much, and still partly asleep, pushed a little to hard.  Resulting in some poo in my shorts.  But just a lil bit, mind you!   While she was confused and angered by the green haze in the bedroom, I changed my shorts.  Short story shorter, we now constantly argue about that fine morning.  I say their is a huge difference between squeezing out a little poo and all out crapping your pants.  She says it's all gross and or the same thing.   Let me know what you think.
   I realize this last story has nothing to do with coffee.  Although the poo probably looks and tastes about as good as the coffee we have right now.  But I like to leave people with interesting to morbid visuals in their head!

S Bucks newest cups.

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