Monday, January 31, 2011


                                         **"Your about as exciting as an STD!"**

       **"The only way I could be funner is if I made up of half bubble wrap and half boobs."**

   I pause in my caffeine comsuption long enough to pander how tomorrow could possibly be the start of Feb.   I know you don't have an answer either.  But for myself anyway, time is flying by.  I have my unbelievable  mind numbing lulls in the day and week in turn.  Mainly because I am not working at the time.  Their are several reasons for the non working, all good ones, at least in my head.  But I still can't help but feeling like a useless member of society.  Sure I help around the house, and rotate my savings to many a coffee shop, etc.  But I loved my last job and actually loved going to work.  Something I have not been able to say for a long time.   I would like to take this time to thank my last bosses, at least most of them, while I was in Sheridan, Wyoming.   Especially the main store manager.   I recently contacted her, to have a back up plan if I needed to move back home again.  She said how great a worker I was and I would be put back on the work schedule the same day I hit town, if need be.   This means a great deal to me.   And made a somewhat crappy week much better.
    I would like to thank all of my readers.   Although I recently think that myself and my mother are the only people that browse this page.  And take this time to ask you to comment when you can.   I am mainly doing these pages for fun and to improve my greatly slacking writing skills.   I would love to some day take my better pages, edit them, and turn them into a book of sorts.  So your comments, no matter how harsh, are more important to me than you may think.  Secondly if you like what you see, please become a follower of my page.   I hope to soon open a second blog about Whatcom county.   How great it is, and alllll the cheap things you can do around here by your lonesome or as a family.   With tons of pictures.   I hope that that page will soon have paid sponsors.  And the more followers/readers I can prove hit the sight  ---the more easily I can get advertisers.   *Here I feel I need to add that the first time of three that I moved to Bellingham I did no research of the area.  I kept seeing Whatcom on signs and such.   At that point I had no idea that it was the name of the county.  And beleived it was the address to a web sight.  Wondering outloud one day, how one was supposed to know what the rest of the web sight address was, and what the sight went to.  
    Their is a small chance that this might be my last blog.   I have heard it is very hard to write while wearing a straight jacket!   I mention this because tomorrow my girlfriend flys off to Hawaii with her cousin for five days.   She has no worries watching her three kids by herself, and as far as I knew I also had little problems with them by myself.  Although it has been awhile that I have had them all for over 24 hrs.  Either way, for backup --and to even the kid/adult ratio, her brother and her mother are going to help me watch the  kids.  
    I believe I have talked to my friends about my future mother in law.   And am sure many of you have one of your own, so know the fun.   Since moving back to WA, we have got along fine----she doesn't talk about killing me near as much.  And I know that she always means well for the kids and her daughter.  But her helping is often very interesting in any view point. 
     I now apologize ahead of time for whatever version of the above paragraph gets back to her.  And to my readers.  Today's entry was somewhat lame I know.  Maybe because I am typing this one while sober!  Aloha till tomorrow.

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