Friday, January 7, 2011

Pests Besides Me

Fish Flavored Water!!

                                               **89.2% of all my stats are made up!**
    I am sitting here this fine day thinking how fine the day has been.  How fine last year was, and how great this year has been so far.  I have a lot to be thankful for right now.   Today's additions are---actually seeing sunshine, finding out my last pay check turned into two paychecks.  I somehow got vacation time, and being in the second coffee shop of the day!   It's the little things that make me smile.   I was bad mouthing the long buss ride leading up to my day of slacking in town, and following the day.  But at least this area has a bus.  You would freeze your butt off, frozen under a snow  drift waiting for a bus in Wyoming.  Only to be re-discovered in the summer time.  Mainly because Wyoming towns do not have bus service. 
   Some, or everyone may say that free time gives me to much time to think.   This entry could well be proof of that!
    Last winter at a restaurant that will remain un-named, if you worked with me, you might very well know the establishments name!  We had a small problem with mice.  The restaurant was warm, had lots of hiding places, and was full of food.   Almost a rodent motel it was.  One night when we were about to close, all of the customers were gone, two of my great co workers came running out of the dinning room, gabbing about a mouse under one of the booths.    I was sure I was swift and sure aimed, and could catch the tiny enemy with a coffee cup.   They seemed to think I was not that quick. 
    I slowly crouched under the table, hangin' off one of the booths, cup hovering in the air ready to pounce on the fury foe.   The audience was sure I would fail, sure from across the room.   Finally I was ready to capture Mickey Mouse Jr.   Somewhat even amazing myself, the cup consumed the mouse, and he was captured.   The others crept closer, bewildered at my speed.  
    As I partically moved the cup, I noticed this was a very inactive creature.  Maybe he was just playing possum.  As I fully pulled the mug away, the limp rodent  landed on the ground with a thud.  I was quickly dismayed to learn that I had caught a dead mouse.   It takes years of practice, to be that fast!

    This reminded me of years ago, while still living in Arizona.  We had a very awesome cat.  A rare statement for me.  I dislike 98% of all cats.  **89.2% of all my stats are made up!**  But this one was very kool, and would roam the fence line at night, kickin the other poor cats butts if they dared come in our yard.   George liked to bring us home prizes all of the time.  From birds to bugs.   And presented them all very proudly.   One day I was alone at home, something very rare in a house of five.  And decided to be very productive of this time and take a long nap.   I was on a couch right under a window.   Soon after hitting dreamland, I started to hear a loud scratching noise above my head.   It was suddenly followed by the cat flying through the window and landing on my stomach.   He bounced into the living room and ran off.   I was still mostly asleep, and this was a very rude awaking on it's own.   My eyes fully opened to something bloody now in my lap.   As I propelled up and off the couch, visions of severed heads or hands bounced around in my head.  When several feet away from the couch I had time to look back.   Fluttering around on the couch was a half dead, highly mangled bird.   My heart started to beat regularly again as George returned for his prize.  

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