Thursday, January 13, 2011

24 Hours in The Great NorthWest, yo!


                                              **"My poo smells like roses!**---April Adams
                                 **"You can't blame it on a blond moment, if it lasts 18 years!"**
     **"Is that all the drugs they found? No one must have check upstairs."**---Willie Nelson

   Hello!   So I am sitting here this fine Thursday at a great coffee joint, watching people with actual lives, get rained on.  This joint has a great view of downtown Bellingham, and all of it's varied characters that make an awesome town, and or blog.  I have also decided that I visit the place to much.  Despite three separate moves to this town, with year long gaps in between, one of the coffee mixers always recalls me!  I am terrible with names, partly because I give most people a code name, and than quickly forget their real name.  And partly because I move all the time.  Each place and job has the same type of people, just they look different and have different names.  I am very good with faces though.   Although working with the public for so long, kind of makes all the faces blend together also.
    I am going to continue straying way off topic and tell two things at the front of my mind this moment.  First, did you see that Willie Nelson just got arrested for drug possession?  They found something like nine pounds of pot in his house.  And he said, "Is that all they found? No one must have checked the upstairs."  This has nothing to do with anything, but might well be my best quote of the week.  And on to exhibit B, one of our cats royally hated me this morning, because she was locked in the bathroom while I was taking a poo.  I was still asleep and found it rather amusing while sitting their.   Luckily my poo smells like roses!  OK, only if the roses you get have been dead for a month, and were nourished with sun and sewer water.
    OK, on a real topic of sorts.   In case you have not gotten the memo, I have lived in Wyoming for the last year, and just recently moved back to Washington state.   Wyoming has deeply cold winters that bury you in in-human cold and snow, and last about 9 months.  Give or take a month or two.  The worse side effect might be that it gets cold enough to freeze your boogers inside your nose. Which is way more uncomfortable than it might seem.  Another bad one is that if you have a white car, and park it outside, you can easily loose it. On the other hand they are used to snow, and lots of it, and the roads are clear before you know it.  Causing many highly disappointed school kids.  Washington, does not see much snow.  They get a few flakes and everyone panics.  They see upwards to a foot of snow and towns shut down.  Snow plows are shipped in from dry parts of the state.  People get desperate and tie snow shovels to the front of their cars so they can leave their driveways.  Drowning and shock from seeing the sun in the winter are far bigger threats in WA.

    Tuesday night a fluke storm moved through and dropped about nine inches of snow on us.  School was canceled so we as a household slept in.   People would not get in their cars unless they had to go somewhere.  And commutes to work were delayed.  By mid morning, the youngest and I went out exploring.  The snow was already mostly piles of slush.  But few were on the streets under the age of twelve.  That evening the rain returned.  And before dark, it was hard to find any signs of snow around.  The following morning, it was still raining and 50 outside. 
    I like seeing four actual seasons.  Wyoming has awesome summers, but they are way to short.  I have seen it snow up on the Rockies in July.  Arizona has spring and than summer all year long.  And the heat is just to much.   Winters in the north west take getting used too.  You definitely have to get used to rain, and have to earn your webbed feet.   To help with the transition is great places, people, and a coffee joint every five feet!

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