Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick o Being Sick

    So in week two of this grand flu that everyone seems to have, but no one can get rid of.  I am almost glad that I have no job to suffer through, while also attempting to cough up a lung.  Although it is always great to share, soon making everyone at work as miserable as yourself.  In between coughing, all of this down time makes me feel like a useless member to society.  I really haven't been job looking, because something about wandering around in the pouring rain, does not seem like a quick cure all for the flu.  So, to feel somewhat productive, I have updated my FB status 22 times and am now typing today's blog addition.   I am in hopes that I have so much flu medicine in me, that it will be a highly amusing article.  It is more likely that it will be even more misspelled than normal and harder to follow than my last phone call with my grandparents.  I have decided that if you can explain something to a grandparent--you can explain it to anyone.
    Now I have to ask if sick people should go to work?  Flu/puking/green faced sick people.  Not those of you that are sick in the head.  That is a job requirement for many work places now.  I never seem to have medical coverage or paid time off,  so going to work no matter what is usually the option chosen.   Working in a restaurant the last year, I was much more careful about staying home when overly sick.  Others their were not.  We had a dishwasher that prided himself in leaving some food on the cook line for the customers.   Wait!  he prided himself for coming to work a week straight, while overly sick.   It's nice to share most of the time, but not when you work around food all day.  
    He is the kind of person I want to lick on the face when I do get the flu.   To thank him for spreading the disease.  Notice I say when I get it, because you know everyone in the work environment will get some mutant strand of his disease.  I can see were you might go to work sick, or thorough the drive through down the street.   Cooking while sick is no picnic ether.   But those fools that roll out of their death bed, put on sweats over their pj's and than go shopping , to cough all over the store  really irk me.   Wait till you are better to buy that 64 pack of Twinkies dam it!   As a cashier in a store, it is really fun.   Someone hands you money, which is always clean, and than hacks in your face while you count their change back to them.  "My doctor said this cough is caused by something new, they do not even have a name for it yet.   Isn't that thrilling....."    It is because, surprise I now have it too!   The worse part may very well be going to the doctor.  They poke and prod you with cold instruments.  And than happily proclaim that you are sick!   26 pill bottles later you are sent home to suffer away from them.  While the doctor prods someone else and counts all his money. 
    In a household when the flu hits you usually just pass it around.  The least sick person becomes the caretaker.  And in the end, the others all go off to play while the caretaker stays under the covers with a mutant strand of everyone Else's sickness.  

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