Friday, January 21, 2011

Wandering and Swimming Down the Road

Ferndale, WA 1/19/11

Lets BBQ!?

                                            **"Paddle faster--I hear banjos!"**

    G' day all!   I am sitting here this fine Friday morning, sipping coffee, still overly sick, and watching it dump down rain once again.   The over paid weather man says it is supposed to clear up, and turn to sunshine starting tomorrow.   I won't believe that one till I see it.   I say over paid ---because I can do his job.   With  no real ed-u-mication.   Winter time = 60-90 % chance of rain.  Summer time = All out sun, yo!  *point at the map- to show which areas are flooding this week.   If any TV stations are hiring, I am in need of a job AND have that perfect radio face!  Plus I want a styling yellow rain coat.  Later today I will add my "mini rant."  Yeah for you!
    Today is my fiance's youngests birthday.   He is turning 7 which still trips me out, because when I first met them he was 2 an a half.   I can say that if I had even half the energy he has, I could hold down three full time jobs.  Tomorrow is his birthday bash at our house.  It could be interesting because about 40 kids have been invited.   And several were invited by him, to spend the night, were not sure how many.   Luckily plenty of adults will be present.   Bring on the coffee, yo!

    Two days ago, I was roaming around the big  city of Ferndale and missed the hourly bus, by like five minutes.   I could see the bus coming, but was not any were near a bus stop.   Drivers are picky about stopping in the middle of Main Street.   I swear I saw the driver step on the gas, as I ran toward the actual bus stop, arms flapping in the air.   I did not make that bus.   And had an hour to kill.  You can walk the length of Ferndale in half an hour. 
    I ended up going under the highway and ending up at the park their.   I am not sure of the name.  It was a nice, well needed walk.   And if nothing else, I learned that my new leather coat is water proofed!   I also re-learned that when it rains every day, and you walk on the grass.  You sink about three feet.  Eventually the rain moved on, for awhile.  And it was just me and nature. 
   I was quite a ways from the actual river, but the results of the constant rain were very noticeable. 

    I have been to the park before in the summer time.  First off it was much dryer.   It was also much more active.  We played a mean game of horseshoes.   And wandered to the top of some of the towers to see the view.  *You can see the wetlands and birds -thats about it.   Save yourself walking up 88 stairs.   The pictured huge barn is also open.   Behind it is many animals to view from huge rabbits to turkeys that survived Turkey day. 
   Several people live on sight to help explain country life to city kids.  Things like --you don't pull on the cows tail to milk it.  And why you can't gather eggs from that angry lookin' buffalo.  Just down from all this fun, is the river.  Right now it is running very fast, and is very muddy.   It is also not staying in it's banks well.   Bad river!  
    Both times I have been out here--I really enjoyed the experience.  Please enjoy the pictures.


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