Monday, January 2, 2012

   The best part of it being a new year, is people can stop telling me, they will see me next year.  And than laughing like it is the most brilliant New Years line ever!  I can not say this---but some of you probably can:

                                        **"I have not showered since last year!"**

    So I have been told that what you are doing at Midnight on New Years Eve will be what you are doing 80% of the new year.   I really can't recall what I was the year before.   And this year found me in bed, but not asleep, because I had early work the next day.   So, I guess I can at least half hope that's what I am doing all year.  It also means I am only a little old, because I was only in bed because of working so early.   Not because I had changed into a new set of Depends at 10 or anything. 

           **"Someone called me immature yesterday, I nearly choked on my Lego!"**

   With the new year, I have been going through a lot of my old posts on here.   I was surprised the flood of memories they brought back, even greater than reading my journal.   Which mostly just says, work sucked today.    I found myself surprised at a few other things.   Like what a positive spin I was able to put on my rambling posts about touring Sheridan.   How many times I laughed while reading old posts.  How much things have changed in the last year, and really stayed the same for me.  And how many things in my posts deal with coffee!   Coffee really is my best friend by far, but wow! 

   I have many new ideas in my head for this year with my blogs.  And hope that you all stick around for the ride.   Things will just get better!   As always, please leave comments----Good or bad, so that I can keep improving.   I really enjoy my exploring blogs of past, were I take a hike and write about it with pictures.   And will be adding many of them soon.   I hope to gain some followers, since I have been stuck at 7 for months.   A big thank you to all my repeat readers!   I am going to incorporate advertising at some point soon, but not enough that it will ruin anything.   And hope to bring back several of my ideas, that have gotten lost in general.    I also hope to get back to posting as close to daily as possible.   Beyond entertaining *hopefully, these posts are an exercise for me.   To help improve my writing.  Something I love, but has greatly takin a back seat in life.   I hope to someday soon, have my own office of sorts, were I can disappear --write a blog, write on a few book ideas that are rumbling around in my head, and than continue with my day.   I believe even with a writing space, I will end up at a coffee joint with my computer many a day.
    Some ideas for posts closest to the top of my head include:     A post about rentals, with my top worst living situations.      A post about with my favorite hike posts.  I like lists!    A post about my love/hate relationship with Facebook.   A sight I believe I need an intervention from.    A post about friendship.   A quiz for all my friends that do not live in Wyoming, mostly picturing wildlife pictures, and asking what the animals are.    Bringing back my "mini rants" on Fridays.  A post about my last year of life, using just songs to describe things.   One about relationships.  I only list these, in hopes it will motivate me to publish them soon.  

   So I just read an excellent blog about the need and importance for writing real letters.    As thank you letters this time of year, and most importantly to the ones you really love.  I know my parents would love a real letter, even though we live in the same town.   They used to get real letters from me about once a week.   And have not gotten one from me in years.   I really enjoy a real letter, but like many things --you have to do it, to get it.   And spend all my time sending quick texts and e mails.   Soon everything is said, but it is so impersonal.   And with so many quick notes, you find it hard to have anything to say in a real letter.   Anyways, I am buying some stamps, and putting actual letter writing at the top of my to do list, tomorrow.   Some very special people in my life are getting letters by the end of the week.   Snail mail is much more personable and fun, but o so slow!  


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