Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pie Fixes Everything!!

                             **"My drinking problem is that I don't have anything to drink!"**

                                                              **"Mmmmm coffee!"**

    I do not have a picture, because I only had my cell phone with me, but the other day I was sitting with my dad having coffee.   On the top of my coffee cup from Mc Donalds, I noticed "Caution I am hot" was stamped.   This makes me ponder a few things.  First of which, how did the coffee cup know I was so hot?  This grease pit has joined the rank of many big businesses and now warns themselves against everything.  Of course they learned the hard way, when some dope burned there lap and than when they could see strait again and had a dry pair of pants on they noticed the coffee cups had no warning that the hot beverage inside was indeed hot, and sued the pants off of them.  There are warning labels on everything.   And Wally World's that sell booze, now find they should card everyone, no matter what age they are, to overly protect themselves.  Even the 80 year old, with a walker that takes 22 minutes to make it from jelwerly  to the check-out, who just wants to enjoy a beer or eight before going to bed.   I figure he earned the brew.   Wally World, instead of sending underage kids in to try and buy, will send in senior citizens, and if you do not card them, you will be in the office getting yelled at  soon after the transaction.   In light of all of this, the cashier is just doing there job, and doesn't want to lose there job, because you don't feel like showing them your drivers licence.   He knows you are plenty olllllld,   pretend to be flattered and show it to him so that they can continue on with life, and you can get home and get sh*t faced. 

    Above I mention that I do not have a picture of the coffee lid.  I do have one on my cell phone, but am not smart enough to get it onto my computer.  So you will just have to visualize it.  As I stare at the picture on my cell phone, and laugh!  One day while I was still in Washington, a friend and I took this amazing hike up to a glacier.   The view was amazing, and at one point it was almost like being at the top of the world.  On the way home we got amazingly lost, but that's another story.   Anyways, while up there, all  I had was my cell phone and it's half a mexapixal camera.   The pictures did not do it justice what-so-ever!    On a similar note, my best trip ever involved staying the night in a pickup in a parking lot near the Grand Canyon.   My fiance and I watched the sun rise over the canyon, and the entire trip was amazing.  I had a real camera with me, but the few pictures I took, did not give the sights justice at all.  The canyon was of course amazing, being able to see more of it as the sun slowly rose.   But the looks and reactions on my soon to be brides face, were also amazing.  As the sun also brought out her amazing beauty from the darkness.  She was soon back lit by the sun, with an almost angel like glow.  Both were truly amazing that day.   And I was revived and full of energy beyond belief. 

                   **"Is it wrong to ask a midget what he's going to be when he grows up??"**
**"I think everyone should have theme song! Mines either the Hokey Pokey or White and Nerdy."**---  OK  maybe I should think about that one longer.   But I do believe everyone should have there own theme song.   You know you can think of a ton of great ones for your friends already.  Especially the ones that do things like fall up stairs!
                *"If you want to know were your heart is look were your mind wanders."**

My buddy Half Moon getting engaged----Makes me truly believe that there is someone out there for all of us!!-----sorry buddy--------  Seeing them and some other couples I know, makes it truly possible that there is someone out there for all of us!    I am sure the same has been said about me.  I am not the brightest crayon in the box for sure, and with my looks, well lets just say I leave the lights on to practice birth control.   *they run away fast!  
                   **"When life gives you lemons... chuck them back and yell, " I wanted cookies."**
                                                              **"You put the F U in fun!"**
Stupid state of Arizona is taking all my money. I guess $1500 to clear 3 fines isn't to bad right? If nothing else I will be less "threatening"---------  So I have not had an actual drivers licence for about 8 years now.   The state of Oregon, thought I was such a great driver, they put my licence of perminentrecive more fines.  In an attempt to be driving legal by this spring, I am finally paying things off. 
                                     **"Don't cook bacon in the nude!"**----I know your laughing at this, but it hurts!

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