Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Day

Same might be said for my advice.

    So earlier in the month I actually got back in the groove of posting my blogs.   And than the wi-fi and than my computer went out.  I am on a mission to make two posts today to make up for things some what, so this one will probably end up short.  I say probably, because as when I talk, once I start typing, sometimes it just keeps coming.  I have been told I have diarrhea of the mouth.  But  as always, as long as I stay entertained, it's alllll good.   I have hope to have my own "office" soon and can disappear to that daily to write a blog and work on some story ideas that are also roaming around in my head.  Although I fear it might be to quiet in my work space.  We shall see.  I enjoy nothing more, than sitting in a great coffee shop and attempting to write.  And luckily my new home has tons of coffee shops near.   Everything is near with an awesome city bus system.  My other motivation has been my great friend not letting me call her, until I write a new post.   Luckily she withdrew this while my computer was down.


                                                    Under the biggest flag in Wyoming.
    The other day while I was waiting for my ride home, I ventured clear across the street from were I work to the "rival" restaurant.   Never again.   In my last post, I talked about customers not tipping and such evils.  That day I was on the other end of the spectrum.  Receiving bad service, and being the one that forgot to tip, as I like to call it.  It took at least ten minutes to get a drink of any kind, or even acknowledged by my server, any server.  It was not real buys in the restaurant, but servers get busy, so I could have overlooked this.  If I would have been hidden away in a corner table.  But I was in the center of the main room, were the hostess and manager could, and did watch me just sit there, very parched. 
    I have noticed that service in this town is almost non-existent.  Not just good service, but any thing one could really call service at all.   The providers seem to know that places like Billings are miles and miles, even states away.   And one is not willing to drive there, just to get a taco or two.   Part of this, is that the hiring pool in this town is incredibly low.  I choose to not go into the reasons why at this moment. 

    Need to commit a crime in Sheridan?   Wait till all the state police are having coffee at Pukins!

    I worked at this restaurant for three and a half years, so feel I can make fun of it just a little bit. 
  I did really enjoy my service at the Chinese buffet last week though.  Although it is kind of serve yourself.  The bus boys were on top of everything, and we never had empty plates on our table.  I find it sad that the buffet workers enjoyed a bigger tip from me than the above workers, in a "real" restaurant.   I always enjoy a good buffet.  In Washington we used to go on crazy hikes and than, eat the Home Town Buffet out of food. The best was to come late in the lunch time, pay the lunch price, eat about a plate of food, and than let them set up the dinner food items.   The local Chinese buffet is much better than I went to it years ago, when it was down by were Hardes used to be, for those of you actually from Sheridan.   At that point, you kind of had to chase your food back on the plate, it seems.    I have now typed the word buffet more than anyone should.   And will continue this with a few stories about the eating places.

    The Golden Corral in Billings now has a chocolate fountain.   I do not have a picture, but it is completely awesome.   And large and skinny people alike, thought it was the koolest thing since deep fryed foods!   I sent a picture of it on my cell phone to all my friends, whom instantly became jealous.   And really wanted to stick my plate in the chocolate flow, but feared the attendant would tackle me if I tried.
    Years ago when I was in high school, and in track we went to a buffet after hours of standing in the cold with occasional pauses to strip down and run.   We ended up eating at  a great buffet and everyone was overly starving.   As we entered the building, several of us did not notice the back walls were huge mirrors, and thought the rows of food went on almost forever.  Resulting in lots of drooling.
      A few years back my fiance, her three children, and some random family members were enjoying a buffet in Oregon.  Her oldest child did not grasp the concept that there is such a thing as to much food yet.  And would eat until he started throwing up if not watched.   This day he was not watched.  **This is OK, I know many adults that have not caught onto this whole concept yet either**     Anyways, it was someones birthday at our table, it's escaping me whoms.  And the entire work crew showed up at our table to sing happy birthday!   Yeah us, right?   Some were in the middle of the song, her oldest son stood up, and proceeded to waterfall puke all over the table.  It just kept coming and coming.   The song stopped, and the workers tried to get out of the way!   I wasn't sure what to do, and am pretty sure I was already splattered with puke, so just sat there and started laughing.   My fiance, yelled out "I don't think he likes the birthday song!"    I thought she was crying, and in fact I believe she was, but it was from laughing so hard.   The workers were not as amused by far. 

                                          I have seen them being remodeled but never built.....

                                                                                Pizza warmer!!

    Not only do I take the short bus to work, I drive it!~       I just wish they would let me wear my helmet to work.

                                                                    Happy Trails!

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