Sunday, January 22, 2012

                                         **"Do you add an area code first when dialing 911 here?"**
    **"I still remember those days when photos were taken for memories and not for facebook profiles."**

 This was proven at work.   Try it!  But you have to say "gullible" very slowly four times.   The person we tried it on, got to about the 3rd time and realized what she was saying.

Above is a picture stolin from Sheridan    don't tell!    But it shows the beauty that we wake up to every day in Wyoming.  This is a little further down the road from me, just out of Buffalo, Wyoming.  It really is Gods country.  But it also really is freakin cold.  The sunsets here are truly amazing also.  I have so many great sunset pictures from my travels.  But many of them come from here.   I am shipping out of this great town and state very soon.   To enter into another huge chapter of my life.   Something I will write about much more in the future.   And know I will miss the views like this, the people, and my family here the most. 

So while I was lived in the middle of the desert valley near Phoenix, Arizona about three years ago, it started to snow.   It even snowed in Vegas.  People panicked and I thought it was the end of the world for sure.  Much of Washington state goes into an all out panic with the smallest amount of snow.   The state received record breaking snowfall last week, but in many cases that is what we in the west see fall in a few hours.   One town, we will call it Bellingham, because that's the name of the town.   Got around three inches of snow early in the week.   Even with the snow stopping businesses and schools stayed closed.   The only place it made sense was in Seattle.   Were the entire city seems to be on a hill.  I have seen many videos of city buses sliding sideways down hills.  Bouncing off cars and curbs as they go.  

  A few winters ago this same town say a fluke winter storm , bringing about nine inches of snow.  I am pretty sure they had to bring in snow plows from other parts of the state.   One morning I found it easier to walk down the ruts in the middle of the street, the try and navigate the un-shoveled sidewalks.  No one was out driving anyway.   My fiances sister, would not leave the house, because she could not find the chains for her car.   I have never had chains on any vehicle.   I did have studded tires on a truck once, but I bought it that way, and it was spring time.   Although it makes a neat sound, going down the road, the police do not favor it to much for what it does to the roads.   Plus she drove a Geo, if she did happen to get her car stuck in the ditch, she could just pick it up, and place it back on the road.  They weigh about as much as a large Hot Wheel toy!   When I had my own car, and lived in the northwest, bosses usually told me to stay home.  They knew I was from Wyoming and could handle the driving, but feared someone crashing into me. 

   **"I have this urge to wear my Christmas tie to work tomorrow. And warn customers how many shopping days they have left till next year. Plus the Christmas tie makes me look way less Mormon!"**------I have mentioned before we wear white shirts and ties at work now.   And it makes me especially, look more than a little like a Mormon.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.   I always one to not look the norm, and leaving my current job soon, see me wearing the tie soon. 
    So I clicked on onna those stupid sight on Facebook that tells you which of your friends are following you the most.   From how often they view your pictures and comment on your thoughts and such.  This one was supposed to show me my top ten "followers"   and for whatever reason only showed my my top five.    Maybe this system is faulty.   Or I just need more friends?   The sight I really never want to visit, is an anti  Facebook sight.   Not sure of the name of it, but they want to let you know how much time you are wasting on FB, and get people off of FB.   Anyways, with a few clicks, it will tell you how many lifetime hours you have spent on Facebook.   Good God for some of us, it simply says!  

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