Thursday, January 26, 2012


                           **"Marriage is grand but divorce costs a hundred grand!"**

  Anymore I try not to make plans.  But have decided when you are moving across the country, to start a new life.  A few things have to be planned out.  From how much stuff will fit in my travel bags.  To how much stuff is really even needed.  To were I am going to be living soon.   With planning I am also very shocked at how much planning a "real" wedding involves.   I realise that getting in the same state as my fiance is a first major step.   The future bride has already made many plans, and the date is a year and three months away.   I guess, being male, I really had no clue.   And have already learned many things.   Like there are wedding colors.   Every un-married guy reading this, is saying "really!?" to themselves.   Every female over 8 already has colors picked out and is slapping their boyfriends on the foreheads for not knowing about wedding colors!   As the date gets closer and I move to Washington, I am sure I will get much more edumicated on the subject.   I will share some of what I learn, but find it much more fun to leave you that don't have a clue what I am talking about, in the dark.  
    Although I kind of believe what they say---The wedding is most important, not the groom.   The bride can resort to any male in the grooms party.   They are all dressed up and looking studly anyways, right? 
      The beautiful bride has had a wedding before, of sorts.   Defiantly nothing to write home about.   And our on again off again relationship has lasted longer than her first marriage.   It has defiantly lasted much longer than all of my past relationships combined.   I am still not sure how she puts up with me, but instead of asking questions, and putting any doubts in her mind,  I think I should get hitched.  Than at least if she changes her mind, it will cost a fortune to become un-married.   And we will soon decide to just work things out.   This will be my first wedding.   And I have to say I am more than a little excited.  
     I have a huge list of things to get done before I move back home, to Washington state.   And as I stare at it now, very little of it is crossed off.   I have not seen the list or planning for the wedding, but am sure the list is much much longer.  I do know that the wedding planning has it's own folder.   Which is snazzy, but also means there is a lot of information.   Not that there is anything wrong with that. 
    The combining of two families also takes a lot of planning.   As well as money combining.  Although the second is way easier when everyone involved is overly poor.   
      I do well with the planning and such, until I crawl into bed.   That is when my mind becomes fully active.  And I over think everything.   I am not saying I would ever back out of my trip, or voyage to becoming a husband.   But it does lead to many nights of not enough sleep.   Mostly my mind just goes to how much I miss the bride to be and her three kids.   And how the room I rent has an odd smell that I fear will be very hard to make go away when I move.   This makes me glad for two things.   The invention of Febreeze.  That spray covers up almost any stink.   And the invention of coffee!   It keeps me kicking all day every day.  
    My and our plans have failed many times before.  But I can't help but pray and hope that everything really does happen for a reason.   And the past has built up to were we are now.   A perfect launching point to a long and happy life together.   I can say that after seeing my buddy get married last summer, that love really does exist.  Before that I was starting to doubt even that fact.    The couple had been dating for over ten years, and finely decided the time was right to get married.   It was a great ceremony.  But greatest was seeing two people that really truly deeply loved each other.   They are perfect for each other.  And the many years and hardships have only deepened there love.   They couldn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks about them.   They are a single unity working towards a perfect fit for each other and there children.   And it was awesome to witness.   I can not say I had enough time to absorb it all in and learn anything on how to use this in my own relationship.   But hope that I can be my best every day.   For the four great people waiting for me.   In a new land and marriage land.   I do believe that is the worst single sentence I have ever written!  
    In conclusion, I still have a lot of planning to do.  We still have a lot of planning to do.  And I hope that I can do most of it during daylight hours.  When people are supposed to be awake.  I can also say that I know I am doing the right thing with this move.  After months of contemplating every spectrum and possibility.  I know this is what I want and should do.   To my 2.5 regular readers I promise a more humorous post tomorrow.   And one that is defiantly less warm and or fuzzy as this one.  

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