Tuesday, January 3, 2012

               **Next time there is an awkward silence whisper out "Did you forget your line?"**
    "The Cool thing about Facebook is that you can give credit for your quotes to anybody and nobody will know the difference" - Abraham Lincoln
          **"Can restin' your turned on cell phone on your junk, give you cancer down there?"**----
    This started out as a joke post awhile back.    But the more I think about it the more it makes me a little bit nervous.   Usually when I am sitting, I rest my cell phone in my lap.   And now every time it's there  and my phone lights up with a new text message, I have to say it bugs me just a little bit.  Not enough that I would stop getting text messages, or throw the phone across the room.   Although the 2nd, would be fun.   After I get off the phone, and done cooking the baked potato I have duct tapped to my cell phone, I will get back to you on the dangers of all this!   I am sure that something will kill us off--weather it be the eggs you have for breakfast every morning, your new shower head, Bubba in jail--that wants his soap back, or toxins from the computer screen you are reading this blog from.  Notice I did not say enjoying this blog, because odds are, you are not.    I do have to paunder what all of those wi-fi signals, cell phone signals etc etc are doing to us though.   Although I would also have to say that none of them is effecting me.   Although I would also have to say that none of them is effecting me. 
  OK---I once had a friend who became a vegetarian, after she was driving behind a cattle truck that wrecked.   The highway and her car was soon covered in pieces of cow, and she decided that eating animals was not for her anymore.  
**"Ever had a cross eyed girl friend and than dumped her because she was seeing someone else?"**
                I love people that are sooo surprised when winter hits. welcome to Wyoming!------
Going back to my early rambling, maybe these people need a new calender, so they recall that a new season is on the way, called winter! 
                Although some times at work, I am biting it so hard, it starts to bleed a lil bit
                            **"If swimming is so good for you, than how do you explain whales?"**------
On the same thought line, how does Mr Crabs, from Sponge Bob--have  a whale for a daughter?  Don't even try to decipehr cartoons, it will keep you up late at night.   I used to work with a crazy dude at Wally World, OK that really does not narrow things down much.   But this individual could do the Sponge Bob laugh perfect, and would put it over the stores PA system.   Nothing harder than to be talking to a customer, hear that, and manage echoing through the store, and manage to keep a straight face.  
Forgot today was a holiday and the banks are closed whoops time to break out my new calender-----
This was yesterday.   As I was pulling into the parking lot, I noticed it was empty and had a here's your sign, slap your forehead moment.   Stupid holidaze that fall on Sundays.   The worse thing about the whole episode was that my new 2012 calender came from the bank!
I only live in a room but am constantly amazed by two things.   How dirty it gets each week.  Especially since I usually only use the room to sleep in.  And how my stuff disappears in it. It is not even a big room, so how can things go "poof!" so easily?    I have learned to keep my door closed, because my clothes rarely make it on my shelves, and the landlords little rat dog like underwear.   Several times the landlord has been in the back yard yelling out my name, holding up a pair of my boxers with two fingers, and a highly sour/disgusted look on her face.   I have also chased the dog in the backyard, after my shorts.   Not fun because the dog knows shes faster, and has something you want.  So mostly just teases me just out of my reach.  
                                                 Well played Costco, well played!
   A few quick thoughts---imagine that!    First the wine bottle picture came from a sight called Fail.com   I am easily amused, but think most of you would enjoy checking out the sight.   Many of you might be pictured in it---jokin'!  Next-- although I love a good pot of coffee or two in the morning, just put a straw in my pot of coffee, and give it to me to go.   I hate all energy drinks.   They taste nasty, and surly rot through your livers faster than you can sign up for a marathon.   Red Bull annoys me most.   We used to go to a bar in Oregon, that must have bought the drink by the truck load.  They put it in all kinds of drinks.   And I have to say, it ruined the drinks.   Red Bull does not give you wings either.   I recall one fine day while standing on a barn roof top, holding a huge blanket in my hands.   I assumed that if you held all the blankets corners right, you could slowly float to the ground, like a parachute.   I did not hold the corners right.   This concept did work for about 2.5 seconds.   And than it just made me hurt.   Luckily I landed on my head, so I was fine.  
     And lastly---I have talked about this in a whole past blog, but some people should not be having kids.   Topping that list---- is anyone that would shop at the above pictured sales, the couple I worked with that got married in Wally World, and possibly myself.  

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