Monday, January 23, 2012

After another weeksend of getting up early for work, and not really sleeping at night.  I got to sleep in this morning for a change.  And am now enjoying some coffee, well guzzling it around 11 ish in the morning.  
  OK  maybe not die.  I have been able to cut out all other caffeine in my day.  Beyond my morning coffee.  And have found the people around me prefer if I have coffee in the morning.   Something about being much nicer, and people friendly.

  **"It's been sooooooooo long since I have not been sick, I am not sure I recall what feeling good is."**---- Kind of explains itself.   I have been in and out of the dr's office since about Turkey day.  And I do not know a whole lot more than the first time I went.  Part of it may be going to a free doctor.   But I am starting to wonder if any of them around this area really know what they are doing.  Besides, as in many aspects, you get what you pay for. 
  **"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”**
                                **"Have you ever waved good bye while hanging up your phone?"**
   For those of you without calenders, it once again really is Monday!   I really do not mind Monday's in the least.   Garfield, onna my favorite comic strips hates Mondays.   He really despises Monday the 13th.   He was "born" on the same month as myself also. 
    And now two of my favorite pictures, takin' while roaming around Sheridan. With the cold, I have been slacking greatly on taking new pictures lately.  So they are not recent at all. 
 My buddy who had never been to Wyoming, wants to kick in the door of this bar and yell "yeah Haaaaaw!"   He does not realize the many faults in this.   Mostly how strong cowboys are.  Many of them were throwing hay bales by the time they were 8 years old, and can throw down.    I will attempt to help him out, after I take plenty of pictures.
  This is in the middle of the cemetery with a storm rolling in.    I have always found cemetery's an interesting place to roam around. 
  I have a ton of pictures of this building.   In the heart of Sheridan.   This one has a story.   Near the top, it almost looks like smoke is puffing out of the smoke stack.  One day last year, my boss answered the phone and a lady was rambling about how she caught us!   She knew that our restaurant and the other ones on Coffeen, were sending out fumes from this building, just before lunch time, that slowly drifted down on the residents.  Making them really want to eat food. This was why all the near by restaurants were packed around lunch time.   She was on to us all, and had even talked to the mayor.  This is another time I was very glad that I did not answer the phone at work. 

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