Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January


    They have read my blog before apparently!    If past blogs have made you laugh  please consider becoming a follower.  I have very few, which makes me sad.  But I do appreciate the few followers I have a great deal!  

      As many things lately, this month has flown by.   Although with a move coming across country it has also went by very slow at the same time.  I am not sure how that is possible, but its happening.   The days drag by, even slower when I get to work.   And than my actual sleep time passes in a flash, and before I know it another day is in the history books.   See time even flies when you are not having fun.   For sure most of the slowness, is because I am so ready to be moved and with those that I love again.  In a place that I love.   Another aspect is that every day here seems almost exactly the same.  Overly repetitive and bland.  Were each day, work day or not, seems to blend into each other.   Have you ever woke up, and thought you were in the movie "Ground Hogs Day?"   Luckily for me and my soul, my daily life will be switched up totally, a mere 25 daze from now.   I use the word "mere" lightly, because it seems like forever from now at the moment.  But one has to wait for the best things in life right? 

     That  will fix things for sure.    Maybe this will brighten your day just a little bit.  Unless you are reading this while stuck in traffic.   To those of you I say "HA HA!"

              I always try to pass on what I learn, each and every day.   Your welcome.

     In the fine art of being PC with everything one says.   In that same note I am not short, I am vertically challenged!    Not to be confused with horizontally challenged, for sure.   Which could mean fat or awesome in bed.   Anyways, I really wish I had a stalker.   I think I would find a way to stalk my stalker.   I also think, for the reasons described above,  my own stalker would die from boredom.  I had one of sorts on the computer a few years back.   I do put a lot about my life online, but was amazed at how much this person knew about me, in such a short time.  Especially since she lived in Washington and at the time I lived in Wyoming.   Anyways the gal was sure that my ex at the time was jumping her boy friend.   I know I know, Days of our  lives episode 221 for sure.   I understand why she might give me a heads up, in all of this.  But she than finding out all about me and massively e mailing me overly strange letters, was a bonus I guess?   I am very sure I completely ticked her off after about the 20th e mail.   And am very sure I enjoyed it all just a little to much. 

       **"For those of you still doing your taxes or still waiting, I get my refund back tomorrow!"**

                               **"If driving drunk is illegal, why do bars have parking lots?"**

    **"I used to play sports. Than I realized you can buy trophies. Now I'm great at everything!"**

                                                **"Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?"**-----
    I used to actually ponder this when I worked in house wares at Wally World.  The vacuums were part of the items I sold.   And I always tried to figure out if it was better to tell a customer the vacuum they chose really sucked or not.   Than I laughed and laughed, because I said the word suck 22 times and still sold a vacuum cleaner.
                                                          Sign me up.   A cure-all for sure!!

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