Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Weekend

      **"The bad part about being unemployed, is Fridays lose their meaning.   The good part about being unemployed, is Mondays lose their meaning."**

     At the moment I kind of loose my weekends altogether at work.   I work a mid shift on Fridays, sometimes till 9 at night.   And than find myself un-able to fall asleep at night.   Saturday and Sunday morning finds  me at work at 7 AM, until  the managers decide I should go home.   So usually about this time of evening on Sunday, I am either ready for lots of caffeine or a nap.   You can guess which I chose tonight before writing this drivel.   I am once again near a mini retirement though.   After I leave this job, and return to Washington I will not be working for awhile.   I can say that I could not do that here, because it is such a boring area.   Maybe not so much so with a vehicle, but still boring.   I worked as many hours of over time as possible in the summer here.  To appear busy and to forget things.  Because slow time, turns into thinking time.   Which soon just makes me want to get to drinking time.   Besides the love of my life living in Washington, and bonding time with the kids, the area offers so many great things to do, when you are or are not working.  I have written about many of them and will in the near future again.  
   For whatever reason I was Wally World earlier today.   I have done very good at not visiting the place lately.   In case you have not gotten the memo, I do not like the store much in the first place.  But hate the store even more, when living in small towns.   Because there really is no were else to shop.  We do have a K-Mart  but most of the shelves are usually empty.   Not from over shopping, but from ordering one of every item from TVs to candy bars.   The cashiers at this K-Mart also take so long trying to figure out how to bag your purchases, that you want to just throw your items at them while you say "forget it!"  Anyways, man you are easily distracted tonight, I bought a box of one of my favorite snack cookies.   I actually found a small box, instead of the economy jumbo super sized person boxes.   These used to be marketed for families but now are for single people.  Everything at Wally World now seems to be super sized.   From the box of 112 pop tarts to the lawn furniture.  Each year, the patio furniture gets wider.   So do the Play School little people.   They are all larger play people than when I was a kid.   Look it up on Google.   
     Anyways, there you go distracting me again.  I will devote a whole blog to larger people or bigguns some day.   Today I need to vent about the cookies.   When I finally got out of the store, a task in it's own.   I tore into my cookie box  ready to enjoy a chocolate cookie with chocolate swirls and chocolate filling.  I could already feal the sugar on my tongue!  As I was tearing into the box, I instantly noticed that the cookies were way smaller.   And after looking at the cookies, I noticed the swirls of chocolaty goo were missing on top.   When I bit into the cookie, I wanted to throw it at someone.  It tasted more like what I would picture the box might taste like.  Bland and nothing like my cookie.   Add another big Booooo! to a long list of bad choices Wally World!   Typing choclate this much, just makes me think of Cheif, from South Parks song about his salty chcolaty balls of candy of course.   If you have not seen the show or heard the song, don't ask.   Because you will be offended. 
       Speaking of things tasting like the box---Tonys frozen pizza.   Since they stay in business, I am sure some people love them.   But I would rather eat the box than the pizza, be it cooked or still frozen and I have to gum on it like a morbid Popsicle.   I really like there "party pizza"  were you get some cheese and about four pieces of peperoni.   I thought someone stole the party from mine. 
                           My brother is always the handy type  and got his wife a new mixer!

   So at work our boss has glued fake flowers on the end of all the pens up front so they will not walk away as easily.   Few "manly men" will stick these flowers in there front shirt pockets for sure.   Most of the flowers are pink or such colors.   And I find it a little to entertaining watching the male customers write with these.   Many will use there own pens.   Especially when I tell them the flowers really bring out there eyes!   We used to use the same pens when I worked at Wally World.   But one of our great customers, you know the ones that are always right--always!   Somehow stuck the flower part in there eye, and had to go to the hospital.   Tell me you are right now, with that purdy flower/pen in your eye!   I can not say a ton, a can of pudding once sent me to the hospital.   I guess if nothing else they damaged customer could fill out there emergency contact paperwork with the pen side of the object in there eye, right? 
    Our boss is very proud of these snazzy pens.   And it is easier to try to take orders with a crayon or your own blood than to explain to her why you are using one of the flower pens to take a customers order.  At one point last winter, a worker, not me, for once, was taking the flowers off the pens and throwing the fake flowers under the ice machine.   I did not know about this, or want to know about it.   And was trying to find something in the walk in fridge.  As I tried to exit the fridge, boss was standing in the doorway, with a handful of the flowers.  Now not attached to pens.  A terrible waste of glue for sure.   Seeing me in the doorway, she thrust the tops in my face and asked, loudly if I knew anything about these.   I thought she was joking and started to laugh.   Apparently she was serious, and the laughing did not help the situation any.   She soon believed that I knew nothing about the pens, whom the vandals were, or really much of any use in general.  And she carried on to shove the poor flowers into someone Else's face. 

   I am not sure if this is a real book but can see the topic going terribly south fast for some reason.   I guess I just have a dirty mind.   But I will stick with reading the classics, if it's a kids book or adult book.  

   I talk about sheep being safe a lot.   Maybe to much.   In a past blog I tried to explain the thoughts about sheep in a positive light.  I think I failed baaaadly!   Anyways, here are a couple examples of sheep that are not safe.   Enjoy!?   And if you have any questions, please ask my brother, the one that built the mixer above. 

                                     This one is more than a little bit creepy, even for me. 

And exhibit   XYZ.....

                              OK  in an attempt to redeem myself a lil bit please enjoy.

    I am still not sure if the person that posted the above sign or the person that uses the condom should stop trying to have kids first. 


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