Sunday, January 8, 2012

    I have written about the "joys" of cell phones before.  So I will not touch on this to much today.  I guess I really did not understand my now dependence on the devises until my phone died.  I had sent my cell phone off to get fixed, and could still feel the vibration of a text message randomly.  Only to find myself checking an empty pocket, were my phone used to be.  I have to say that I text a lot.  And can even keep ahead of the strict boss at work, who doesn't allow cell phones, most of the time.  I would also like to say that I would like to take a week long trip, with no phones or computers.  But do not think I could pull myself that far from electronic devices. 
   In any case, this morning no ones cell phones were working at work.  Including any customers.  This only last about two hours.   But the workers did not seem to know what to do and were roaming around trying to find  a spot in the building were the phones would work.  With a nation so dependant on cell phones, and instant contact with others, how many people would go crazy if a satellite or two fell out of orbit tomorrow?   OK, go more crazy.  

    This all makes me think of Steven Kings "Cell"  Mr King seems to ruin a lot of things for me   from old cars to clowns, and defiantly motel rooms.  In this novel everyone on a cell phone is instantly a zombie of sorts controlled by radio waves coming from cell phone towers.   The mass group of non effected normal people left, are senior citizens and young kids.   Basically anyone without a cell phone is left to try and save the Earth as we know it.  This makes you stop and wander about a few things.   First-- with this new threat, do we really need to worry about getting cancer from our cell phones?  Was this a threat before 9-11?   What did this to do the affected peoples calling plan prices?   Is there anything left beyond paper clips that Steven King can write about and still make it sound super scary?
    So phone calls used to be more fun in Sheridan, before caller ID.   And I hate to say I have been involved in many a phone prank, and or enjoyed most of them.  Now if you attempt one, the angry person just looks up your number on caller ID and calls you back.  Usually yelling.  This proves that there is no secercy anymore.  It also might prove that many people do not have a good sense of humor.  I tend to prove the second theory daily.  But only when I speak.    If I have called you in my past, and you did not laugh, I can assure you that I did laugh.  And that I am now very sorry for of taking up your time.   Some of my proudest moments are when I make telemarketers want to hang up on me.    With a last name like Adams, I am always sure it is a telemarketer, if they stumble over my last name.  And yes it has happened a few times.   
                      **"Do you add an area code first  when dialing 911 here?"**

      If you have not yet checked out       please do so.   You well see some the most fine dressed individuals around for sure!   Heck you might even see yourself!   I can not assure you that you will not want to wash your eyes out with bleach and or poke out your minds eye with a spoon afterwards though.   

                                                And now a few pictures of mine.

   I went to Big Horn school.   For better or worse, I was a might Big Horn Ram.   *Not a snotty nosed bitty!   And a Bighornian for sure.   Anyways recently they tore down the old school, it really wasn't all that old, and built a massive building.   I toured the new school last summer, and have to say I wasn't impressed at all.   All of the rooms and hallways looked the same.   But whatever floats the school board officials boats.   This is a picture of the entrance near the gym.  Not even this stands now. 

      Morning in Seattle.    I hope to have some new pictures from the great north west very soon.  Because if nothing else I miss all  the water and coffee shops.   I have so many pictures of the bay line all up and down Washington.  And have to say, taking them still has not grown old. 

   Storms coming in.     I have also recently become fascinated in taking pictures of clouds.   And trees.  I could fill a whole blog in pictures of neat clouds.   In fact I might to just that on a day when I can't think how to fill a blog. 

   One of my favorite snow  pictures I have takin'    In Bellingham, WA.   For the area this is a big snow storm. And when they get three inches of snow, they close all the schools.  

        Snow is so rare there, the people pass out in the snow.   And might not be found till spring time.

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