Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/2012 Fortune Favors The Bold

    I have to say I am still not used to posting 2012 on anything, and the month of January is somehow almost over.   I will probably get used to it about the end of the year, when we are all supposed to die anyway.   But that just gives us all something to look forward too!  On the same note, I can not believe this month is almost over.  I has flown by!   Add in getting ready to move back to Washington in 31 days.   Along with working full time, packing, and all that goes with becoming a father and husband, it has become a blur.  Just a little bit.  But it is all worth being with the love of my life forever and a day.  At least as soon as I get out of this very cold state.  

     I also have to say that yesterday was a perfect day with a perfect blend of productively slackin' on my day off.  I got to sleep in a little, made some very important phone calls.   A great lady, who will soon share my last name, did my taxes for me.  I strolled around town, and attempted to take some pictures, slacked some more.  Caught up on this stupid series on Netflix, that is very addicting.  Ironically it is called  Weeds.   And maybe most relaxingly, I did not go to work.  

    While I was roaming around town in desperation for pictures, I have not takin before.  I realized that this would be one of the last times I had to get some pictures.  I am sure with my parents here, I will be back for quick visits, unless I can always get them to visit me in the North West.   This area truly is beautiful, but it is also very cold.   And very boring.   I am so used to the big cities now, were people out number live stock, sad day for some.  And were you can easily find something to do in a crowded setting, or take off on a bus ride and end up down by the bay or on a great new to you nature hike.   Did I mention it was cold yesterday?     The thermometer said it was 40 out  but the wind soon picked up and the temp dropped.   I have learned since moving back, that the sun is often an illusion.  It can snow while full on sunny outside.   One day I only had a hoodie on and was just trying to cross the street to Wally World.  It looked very nice out.   About half-way across the street, I could not feel my hands, I later realized it was negative 20 outside.   I now have a temp teller on my computer.   That I glance at before I leave the house. 
    My home page used to also tell me the temperature each day in several of the cities I used to live in.   Including the place I am soon returning to in Washington.   I do not have that anymore, because the much warmer temperature readings just made me overly annoyed.  Especially the reading from near Phoenix, Arizona.  It has been cold enough here I almost miss the cool winter warmth of about 60.   Almost.   There was to much bad stuff when I lived down south to want to ever move back. 
    Today I returned to work.   And have to say it was not a good day at all.  About the only thing I feel comfortable about sharing right now, in an attempt to keep my job those 31 more days.  Is when I dropped to plates of food.   I have not dropped food forever.  And if nothing else it was very loud and very embarrassing.  I tried to play it off to my few sad faced customers by saying "that was the dinner show!"   The others were sad faced for me, and the tables whoms food I dropped was sad faced, because it was there food and they were hungry.   I do have to say that the "butterfly affect" was in full affect today.   When something goes wrong, it just ripples.   And my bad fortune seemed to  be passed on to the other servers.  They did not drop dinners, but other random things, and just seemed to be off on there service.  My service just got worse until I could fully collect myself and shake everything off before that.  
    Sometimes things are very hard to just shake off.   I try to find humor in everything.  But times like when I first moved back to Wyoming, I really was to heart broken to be humored or humorous.   I have read some of my blogs from that time period, and they really reflect how I was feeling and what I was going through, but at the same time, they are not that much fun to read.  I also did not write as many blogs, because I really did not want my sadness to reflect out in them.  
      Through those crappy times, and now that I am happier than ever.   I would like to thank a few people that have stayed by my side.   I have very few good friends, but the ones I have are true friends.   They don't want me for my good looks, or my cash, or my advice.   They don't take advantage of me in any way.   They have been their through thick and thin and yet still want to be there for me for some reason.  
     The top of the list is my best friend.  Because of that she will soon be my wife.  It has been a long road toward that goal, but nothing great comes easy.   And through all the great times and pure sh*t we have become stronger than ever.   I truly could not ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.   She completes me.   And I hope that I can at least half way return all of the things she has done for me in the past, during our lives together.   I will strive daily to be the greatest husband  and father I can be.   And to block out the past, with great memories each day.  

    Also topping the list is my family.  I realize they have to love me.   But they really are the greatest!   I have seen many others relatives lately, and greatly appreciate how normal my folks really are.   They are my foundation and rocks.  

    With V Times day coming up ---I must ask, is this better than chocolate?  

 And now a quick story

    So every Wally World that I worked with had a fridge or two in the back were workers could attempt to keep there lunches.  I say attempt, because if you had anything close to good, it seemed to disappear before lunch time.  And you had to eat in the grease pit, or Mcdonalds once again.   I do give the thieves credit for having balls.   Because most workers were afraid of actual customers and work, and stayed in the break room as much as possible.  So unless you saw say me, put a subway sandwich in the fridge, I am not sure how they knew it was mine, and when it was safe to steal it.   Anyways one of the the bosses got sick of losing her lunch, and covered a sandwich with dog food one fine day.  Well made a dog food sandwich basically.   The lunch disappeared several days in a row.   So, she put a sign under the fourth or fifth one, hoping that the stealer liked the dog food grub.   Her, and no one elses food disappeared for months after. 

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