Tuesday, January 10, 2012


    Have you ever noticed, every time you think your doing the right thing, your not in other peoples eyes?   Maybe you think your doing the smart thing.  Or the best thing at the moment.   Or you change your plans, move cross country yet again, out of pure love and it is still the wrong day your moving.  Wrong year, wrong day of the week in others eyes.   In most cases this would not bug me in the least.  I kind of enjoy ticking people off.   But when it is someone I can't live without, it stings and pulls on my heart strings.   I have had a rare almost un-sick feeling day today.  But since I have been told that my ideas are off base, I have felt like crap.  My body suddenly dosn't like me again.  I have plumeted in a deeply negative mind frame, locked up in my room, and I swear my chest hurts a little.  I am sure thats all in my imagination though.   Just like me being sick.   The docters can not find anything wrong, so I must not really be sick right?   Maybe in the last year, with my leaving and such, I have wronged the above person so much that I am feeling only sympathy pains?   Anyways, for what it's worth to the future Mrs Adams I am sorry for ruining a great day.  The day of the year it seems.  But once I am there for good we can make every day an awsome day.  For the rest of our lives.  I love you, forever and a day!   And although your bed shrunk, this is what I miss most:

   Just staring at this picture has calmed me a ton.  It is an old picture, but us at our best.  Until maybe an outsider tries to paunder whom took the picture.  I am staying here for no one, beyond maybe my parents.   Dumb as it is, the time-line on the calander tweaked me out a little bit.  A cross country move, even for a party of one, is a huge process.   And the best day ever will be when I am holding you again, and can say I do.

                  **"It is always good to know your bosses real name----Just sayin''**

     So everyone at work calls our boss by a certain name.   This is not her real name, and even after years of working with her, I guess I never have learned her real name, until today.   I answered the work phone, and the cheary sound secertariy asked for a worker I had never heard of before.  When I asked what the worker did, she said she was a manager at my company.  I said I had never heard of the worker, and asked if it was maybe this other name.  **This is hard to write without using actual names, I am finding out**  The secertary said that name sounded nothing like what the person she had talked to said.   At any rate, we only have one female manager, so I found her and gave boss the phone.   Later our boss came out of the office laughing, and stated that ******** really was her real name.    Just another case of me not getting the memo.  

                                                 **"Coffee helps you poop!"**

   In my last blog I explained the above quote, sentence, and or fact.  I also had the line up on my Facebook page a few days ago.  My great boss was very alarmed that I would post such a thing.  Because I would never find a girl friend, saying things like this.  Although this might lead me more to becoming a hermit than having 22 virgins it is actually one of my calmer posts.   I beleive people I know already know to ignore me for the most part.  Or at least not be to bothered by the things that come out of my mouth.   I have been recently told that I have diareaha of the mouth ,   this proably explains things best.   And like with many things in life, as long as I am entertained  thats all that really matters!  I have gotten way better about not saying every thought that crosses my mind though.  Unless I am drunk. 

          As I am sitting here watching the snow slowly fall outside, I am side tracked greatly.  Snow really is a beautiful sight.  Wheather it be in the middle of the night, or in the day backlight by the sun.  But with snow comes things that are far less fun.  Like ice and cold.  OK  I kind of enjoy ice.  After I learned how to drive on the ice, by wreaking my first car, I am now a good driver in the winter.  Or at least I used to be.  I have been in warmer climates for so long, I am not positive about this.  
    Just up the road a travel bus, flipped on the highway on some black ice.  You never hear about tour busses getting in wrecks it seems.  In fact it has been 27 years since this company has had an accident.  There is never a good time for a tradagy.  But the timing is extra alarming for me.  I was thinking about taking another Grayhound trip very soon.  Good thing I am now going for the faster, maybe not safer idea of flying now.   For all the airport security, I have never heard of a car plumiting 2700 feet to the Earth.  But on the same note, no stewerdess will bring me bags of nuts or bevereages while I am driving either. 

    I have talked about the joys of Netflix before.  Right now we do not have cable were I live just Netflix.  And I enjoy it a lot.  I enjoy it more, when no one else is home and I can veg out on the couch and watch what I want.   One of my roomies, is really into chick flicks.  Although she is a chick so it's understandable, I can't say that I enjoy most of her movie choices.    Anyways, while clicking the movie selection, I have lately wandered about the movie sub catagories.  It seems strange that the same movie can be under comedy selections and drama.   And some of the catagories just seem way off.   The only example I can think of right now, is the movie 8 mile being under, Mother/son movies.    He hates his mother in the movie and in real life.   But I guess she still is his mother like the catagory heading says. 

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