Thursday, January 9, 2014

Several mini-rants, jokes, and a deep thought -thrown in to throw you off!

            Hello again!   One of these daze -you my fellow reader will learn and or sober up, and stop reading my random rambling! ;)  Today I write this just after waking the kiddos up for school.  So it is very early AND I am full of coffee!  So there will be lots of rambling to enjoy.  This has been a very great week so far!  So the grumbling will be kept to a minimum for a change.   I landed a few good jobs this week and have been busting through them.  One is a huge clean up job--were the property owners got a hold of us, sooo much stuff was left when the tenets moved out of state.  Much of it high end stuff, the draw back is we are getting paid in the good stuff.  It is all things I know will sell, but it's a matter on sitting on the items until they do sell.  And nicely/neatly storing the good and bad items at our home.   The cliff notes of all of this, if you live in the Benson, Arizona area--we have some amazing deals!   And I am beyond out of shape.  Good thing the kiddos are all in trouble at the moment, and have been recruited to help each day.   Halfway through the job, the home owners are impressed, and sending us to another item filled home next week.  So working for "free" has it's benefits.   Plus of course I love setting my own hours and such. 

      We also broke down and went to court to get an official restraining order issued on The Devil  AKA my mother in law.   We had been threatening for months, but kind of thought the whole thing would just blow over.   The Devil would not let things drop-and I do not believe ever will.   Please feel free to read past blog posts about all of this fun, and to learn why we call her The Devil.   Most of my friends that try to tell me how evil all mother in laws are, now just stare at me with open mouths and shiver a little, every time I tell them the next thing she has pulled.  Cliff notes, she really is evil, and will probably out live everyone reading this.   Anyways she is still free to push the limits with us, but many of her past actions will now lead her to jail time.  She is also free to protest in court--which would be beyond entertaining for soooo many reasons.  The largest being, that her random rambling is hate and booze fed, and it would quickly unravel her entire case.   But I really doubt she can find a lawyer that will accept food stamps and beer as payment.  She was served on Tuesday--and you don't know how bad I wish we could have been across the street when the sheriffs arrived.   I can say-that it is now Thursday and the huge crap storm we were expecting, is either going to by-pass us or is still greatly brewing.

      And now a couple of mini-rants from this morning.  Two of these I have touched on in the past.  I hate to admit, after reading over them again, they are almost deep.  Almost is the key word.   If you have any thoughts on this rambling, or anything else that passes for reading in my blogs, please comment directly to this page, or go to MY Facebook page.  The link is just below.   I must warn you that I had much coffee before typing any of these.  And that I have years of experience of arguing from my 8 years of working at Wally World.  And unless I am arguing with my wife, I will keep going, even if I am beyond losing the battle.   I also like a good conversation, although I have had few lately.   I posted all of these on FB  and am waiting for the beyond deep replies.   So am hoping that you in reader land, will reply   because I know it will be a far betterer conversation.  

      **OK--I get the fact that Big Brother Government is pushing for one unified type of global currency--BUT how is that ever going to work? I ALWAYS get behind the people at the cash register that have no clue how to use there own debit/credit card. They than attempt to write a check that is exactly 47 cents short--and than dig out the change. There isn't much easier than a debit card-accept actual cash-but heck no one understands the express check out lanes either.--Just sayin' Maybe I just need more coffee! Any thoughts on this?**

        **One more local question /mini-rant
Is it just me or do way to many local residents not use there blinkers? Ever!
We moved here in June, so it's not just a snow bird factor.
Is most of Benson cars running out of blinker fluid?
I know much of the town knows were you are driving & at what time you go there, but us newbies have no clue and enjoy a good warning about your upcoming turns. I drive a ton in SV and Tucson and don't see this issue much-just other driving hazards. Please just think about using blinkers as you navigate beautiful Benson.**

     And lastly someone was complaining about being tired of having religion crammed down there throat.   And than a local church leader responded--a lot.   Here were my thoughts...

    **Going to church makes you as much a Christian as standing in your garage makes you a car. In our travels we have meet some amazingly evil regular church goers. Along with the amazing ones. Everyone needs a time to question there faith I fought for years with mine, until our family found an amazing church in Washington state. We have not ventured to church much since moving here. But we still practice and live our beliefs daily. And our daughter explores a new type of church every few weeks or so in the area. With the enormous amount of bad we have had towards our family in the last few months, mainly from our own family. We just had to get a restraining order on the kids own grandma, etc etc---without my faith--first I would not have the will power to not fully attack these people -these "family members" that leached off us and than ripped us off and worse. But I would not be able to step back, breathe and see that there are truly good people out there. And a ton of these such people live in the Benson are for sure!  
    But many religions and people do try to force there thoughts on others. Instead of letting there good deeds transform others. I don't want someones beliefs forced on me, any more than I enjoy the networks and media telling me how acceptable being gay is. To each there own, but I don't want such things bombarded on me daily.**

                                                          That's my cue to "Shut it!"

One of the MANY reasons.

Stealing is bad

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