Friday, January 24, 2014

Tell Your Friends

So many trails   So little time.

       Welcome back to the few very brave of you that has read my blogs in the past, AND came back for more.   More excitement, rambling, jokes, and coffee love of course.   Or maybe you don't sleep well at night, and this very blog page puts you right to sleep.  Better than any sleeping pill, row of bottles of beer, watching golf on TV, or any mutant mixture of all of the above in any given night.   More likely though, you were up late searching for porn and ended up--by sure luck--for me--ended up on this very sight.   But whatever gets me more readers--please keep on doing it-and if you fall across anything that amuses you---PLEASE share the links.      Here are my other sights --in case you have the kiddos for the weeksend, and are wasting time till they go to bed, and you can go back to your porn sights. 

It also makes me repeat things!

    My newest blog series is all about Exploring beautiful Arizona -full of pictures and Exploring.  It is a start up series, so really needs every ones support.  NEW post goes to this page tomorrow!!   Tell your friends. 


           **My second blog series has some of my best personal pictures and lots of                     Exploring!**                                      Please take a look around.

             **Tell me what  you really think about all of my thoughts!**
             This page gets updated first.     
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

      Obviously between things, I have to much free time.   Spend some of your free time sharing the above links---and than you can go back to "watching" your kids for the weeksend.   OK  enough shameless plugs on my part.   Thanks for playing! 


     Above is usually my face when my lips dive into that first cup of coffee.  And the mass amounts of caffeine start to scare away the sand man.  But on this morning the coffee was equally as happy to see me!

    ... Even the coffee was not helping this morning.   All the years I spent "working" at Wally World made me dislike people, but this week people in general are not high on my "like" list.   And it seems that the jerks/stupid travel in packs.   For many years ---the same years I worked at the all evil above mentioned retail giant, I was surrounded by these packs as they were the main shoppers.   So when I witness them in the wild, it is just that much more annoying.  Especially when I am trapped inside were it is much harder to run away.   Coming very soon, additions to my DURP list!   Including some new runners up for the top DURP spots.   In case you have not read my past random rambling --being a DURP is not a good thing, although they often seem to be relatives, and always fill my blog pages.   DURP at least in my book, stands for  Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parole.   See you learned something today---go celebrate by eating a cookie.

I really like to take pictures.    In case you have not gotten that memo yet.
Plus it is super calming. 
Old buildings, especially barns- trees- and sunsets top my fascination at the moment.
In that same list is clouds.  
I did not take the next picture, but if you are ever shooting clouds or wake up to this,
Just go back to bed and or start running....
Back to my personal pictures and MY picture of the day.
This is on the WWU campus in Bellingham, Washington.
I have several blog posts filled with Exploring this large campus. 
Surrounded by trees and filled with art.
This yellow brick road of sorts  makes me want to start another adventure.  
Perfect for inspiring weekend Exploring and
with my thoughts of a road trip in the very new future. 
This one makes me laugh every time.
Kudos and Dam you -- Dairy Queen sign maker!
                OK in conclusion this fine night---- Today and in the last few blogs I have been annoyed with an ever growing list of people.   Many of them seem to be relatives.   And I have been really struggling at not falling to equally hurtful retaliation.   In an effort to never do the above to any ones vehicle, I shall post the idea on here.   That way I would never do this prank.  This one is now out.   This will not happen, to you--by me.  I can not take blame if one of your friends finds this amazingly smart and does it to you.   Or you decide to try this   and get caught by authorities who never find things as funny as the normal, non handcuff and gun holding citizen.   As I before stated, THIS  will never happen to any of my relatives if only because I posted it here.  :)

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