Friday, January 10, 2014

Post #5 For 2014

               I had to quickly check if it was actually still morning.  It seems when I get up with the kiddos at 6 AM, that by 9:00 it should actually be at least noon!   Usually after much coffee, on the rare daze that I wake up early-I get much accomplished.  I get things accomplished.   But today the computer has not been cooperating at all.   With anything I am doing.   So for a good hour this morning, the only part of this blog post that would save--was the title.   With an hour on that feat-one might think I would have come up with a beyond magically title for this page.  To those people---stop thinking!  The major thing I have actually accomplished was to type the word accomplished a lot, and to drink much coffee, because our coffee maker is actually working.  I do believe I would enjoy mornings much better, if they started much later in the day---like say around noon.  And I have always believed that the worse part of getting up, is that one must than try to make coffee, with out being close to awake.  I am greatly a night owl, many nights getting my 2nd wind at 11 at night.  This makes for interesting blog posts -but also makes getting up early even more of a challenge.

      Today I continue to work on cleaning out the property just down the street.  And have been trying to sell much of the stuff from there this morning.  Again our computer does not seem to agree with this idea.  Maybe it is not fully awake either.  But it is very close to becoming a flying computer---and I will be searching for a new system.  I will try to refrain from doing something so rash-at least until after I finish today's thrilling posting.   For one, because typing anything on our I-Pod would take me days!  I love working for myself and being able to set my own hours, but on the same note---I have not really had any free time in the last week.   Isn't working for yourself supposed to give you lots of free time--and lots of fame and fortune?   I am going to have to sit down and talk to my manager.   O wait, I am to busy drinking coffee and Furby sitting to talk to myself about such things.  Yes Furby's are making a come back and yes we have several roaming around the house.   The worse part is when the kiddos set them all down to talk to each other.  And when you try to sneak a mid night snack, and there is a Furby on top of the fridge, suddenly talking it's Yipperish to you.   Almost scares me enough to not want a snack, every time. 
    On a good note, we found someone that wanted to watch all the kiddos this weeksend.  Actually they found us, because when our kids sleep over, they watch her kids, and she can sleep in.   Of course we jumped on it, because with the mother in law, not a baby sitting option, we for the most part, never get free nights anymore.  What will we do with all the free time?   Sleep!   I am sure whatever we find to do will be fun, just maybe not what is fun to single folk.  

   Last night after a hard night of "work" I managed to snap some new pictures.   The kids and I were trying to quickly load one last pickup load before the sun went fully down.  

I have not had to much time to snap pictures in awhile now

But it is amazingly calming.

Now on to a few jokes stolin' just for y'all!
Some one recently asked were I get all of this stuff.
First off and the most important factor- is that I have way to much free time.

Good times!!

Thanks for asking.

                                                 Tomorrow calls for light and 100% chance of coffee!

While much of the country is freezing there butts off
and finding out how much it sucks to have the boogers actually freeze inside your nose,
we live in Arizona.
I find the above state motto much better than mine--
"Land of the sweating sun!"


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